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2014 – A Year in Review

I didn’t think I was going to do a review post this year.  For some reason, I thought “no, I didn’t do much…I don’t know where I’m going…what’s the point of reviewing it?” And that of course is the very reason that I NEEDED to review this past year.  Because believe it or not I […]

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Balloon Dress

2013 – a recap

It’s not too far into January yet, so I think a recap for the past year is still allowed right?  I always find it amazing and helpful to myself to set a visual reminder for what I’ve accomplished over the course of a year.  Quilting and Sewing is not always a quick venture…certainly not for

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A glimpse at 2011

A glimpse at 2011

Am I too late?  It’s already 2012!  But we’ve been running around like crazy and I haven’t had a chance to sit down at my computer. (traveling 2 hours for a one night to do with friends with a two year old = definite LACK of sleep) But once I hopped online I realized that

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