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Books and Blocks

I was at a discount book store this afternoon looking for ideas for wedding decorations for my friend.  I wasn’t particularly successful in that venture, but I did discover a couple of “quilting” books that I decided to grab for the heck of it.  Some of you have probably heard of the author and her

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Nothing but Sneak Peeks

Thanks to all of you lovely readers, I was able to get a hold of the fabric that I needed for my doll quilt. It came in the mail yesterday and I just had to start working on the doll quilt again right away. So a little more progress has been made. I want to

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A start on a rainbow!

I really feel like I should save this post for a couple of days from now on Saint Patrick’s Day because I’m about to inundate you all with a lot of green. LOL. But sometimes it is hard for me to move on to the next project until I blog about the previous one. So

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