Teacher Gifts Flower Style

Teacher Gifts Flowers


I don’t know if anyone is still looking for gift ideas for your teachers for this year, but hopefully this will help someone.  I searched and thought and searched and thought about what to do for my daughter’s teachers this year.  I know everyone says to just get them a gift card and be done with it, but I’m just not wired that way.  Plus she’s at a Montessori school and I know that they truly love anything that the kids make…it’s part of their culture.

Teacher gift flowers

So I set about searching for something that would be “Easy” and that my daughter could have some say in and help with. She’s five, so that can be a difficult task.  With four teachers I could spend a reasonable but not outrageous amount on their gifts.  And I wanted it to be something that represented Caitlyn and that they could actually enjoy.

I know…that’s a lot to ask from a gift.  But I always have high goals.

And I liked what we eventually pulled together after searching too many pinterest boards and dragging my daughter to multiple craft stores.  Ceramic Flower Pots filled with Pink Geraniums and Impatiens (picked out by my daughter) and a sweet hand lettered chalk sign with our two handwritings together that said “Thanks for helping me GROW”.  Caitlyn wrote the word Grow on each…just enough writing 😉

Teacher gift flowers

I had some chalk pens but they ended up being too dry…so I’ll have to try the chalk sign thing again when we are not working with giant sidewalk chalk. 😉  I think it will be even cuter.  But these were personal without being too much work, money, or time (had I known what I wanted from the onset).

The sentiment is sweet but not cloyingly so.

Teacher gift flowers

All in all, a grand success that Caitlyn was proud to deliver to each teacher…who all seemed genuinely delighted to receive.  We are so grateful to her wonderful teachers this past year and are looking forward to next year “kindergarten” at this same school. Sadly some of her favorite teachers will not be there again, but we feel blessed to have known them for even a short time.

Teacher gift flowers

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  1. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing! I have been wondering what to get my grandchildren's teachers (my granddaughter is special needs and there is so much physical work caring for her!). One of my daughters friends did something cute. She found some really nice drinking glasses and there seemed to be chalkboard type section (done real cute) and she wrote the names of the teachers in them.

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