The Kind of Thing I should Finish

The Kind of Thing I should Finish

So I knew that I had this quilt top floating around in my world. But I’ve just been too busy to get to it. I think that I started the Project UFO group just to push me to finish things like this. It hasn’t helped me finish it, but I think it has helped me decide to keep it. I’m growing a bit sentimental over it.

The Kind of Thing I should Finish

There is not a single curved seam in this top believe it or not. This pattern was all about clever angles. At the time it was a bit of a challenge for me…I think I started this about 8 years ago. At some point while living in New Orleans I pulled it out and finished it. I even purchased some Amy Butler fabric for the backing (which may well have been my first online fabric purchase). I recently decided to use the AB fabric for another quilt, so now I need to decide what to do with this one.

This quilt top is sort of a memento for me because it marked a time when I officially decided to pursue quilting again. I had made a few quilts already but this one marked that I was definitely NOT done with quilting. I’m still not!!

It amuses me that this unfinished top is years older than my daughter. I kind of hate that…I don’t like to let projects go for this long. I’m hoping that blogging about this will somehow make me feel more accountable for finishing this top up. The fabrics are not my favorite but I do still love the colors. And I think I could find a family member who would be happy to own this. Now to just decide on the backing and then I might actually baste it. Then quilt it. Then bind it. Oiy!

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  1. You should finish it! It's a very pretty quilt top I'm sure one of your family members would love for christmas! Nobody likes basting, but quilting is the fun part(in my opinion). On my last quilt, I used the wall method for spray basting by Patsy Thompson. She has a youtube video on how to do this. It went SUPER FAST! Not nearly as painstaking as pinning:) Seriously, it took me longer to put up the newspaper than it did to actually baste. I think I spent 30 minutes total.

  2. I have a quilt that has been in my WIPs for longer than 5 years and I know I want to finish it but it keeps getting bumped down the list. Your motivation might be contagious.

  3. it looks great! how are you going to quilt it? some sort of wreath on the big blue center parts? curves from corner to corner on the other? triangles and squares?

  4. very cool! what pattern did you use? I have a quilt that I started when I was on maternity leave with my oldest son. He is now 3 years old. I sort don't want to finish because my tastes in fabrics have changed. yet, I hate to leave projects unfinished!!

  5. Swirl quilt the blues as they already look like a whirlpool. Just love the colour strength offset by the terracotta & pale green. Please show us the finished quilt before giving away. Best wishes..

  6. I had a project that sat near completion for 7 years. The sigh of relief when I finally finished it was tremendous. I hope your completion is just as rewarding!

  7. Ahhh, the Tennessee Waltz! That was the first ever quilt that made me want to quilt. It took me three years of sewing before I actually tackled it. (Mine went to a long armer, though, so that part was easy.) I still want to make one for myself.

  8. I had a (simple) quilt top that I had finished and set aside but was no longer absolutely in love with. I decided to have it long arm quilted. It was expensive to me but worth the price to have it done and not in line for the day I would get to it (which would have NEVER happened). It was very bright and colorful, like my 9 year old niece and her bedroom, so I gave it to her and she loves it. Is having someone else quilt it an option for you? Or do you feel as though you have to finish it yourself?
    Linda F.

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