The Quilt Block Cookbook review

Do you ever find one of those books that you want to share with the world?  That you think that literally everyone should own because it is so awesome?

Or a book that speaks to you in a way no other book has?  It grabs you with it its words, its photography, its story, its very nature.  It says what you have always been trying to say but you didn’t even know you were trying to say it.  It explains who YOU are and how you see the world.

And is that EVER a QUILTING book?  I’ve been moved by books before, but I’m not sure a quilting book has ever truly moved me the way that Amy Gibson’s latest book, The Quilt Block Cookbook, does.


When I first saw Amy’s book, I just gasped with delight.  I might get a bit gushy here, but I say all of these things with TOTAL honesty.  I did indeed gasp.  First off, the size of the book…it’s square.  But not one of those teeny tiny ones you can hardly read.  The perfect size square.  And it is a hard back book.  That is pretty rare to find in quilting books and it is one of the reasons that this book is just so stunningly beautiful.

The photography inside is really just amazing.  I adore the layout and the ease of finding information.  Each picture makes my mouth water….and again…I’m not overstating my view.  This is honestly what happens when I look through this book.

I can go on and on about the book, but I need to get to my project from it (yes, I even USED the book already! ANOTHER sign of a great book).  Bottom line is this.  BUY THIS BOOK.  It is THE book to have in your home to hand to someone when they ask what you do and you answer “quilting”.  When they look at this book, they will understand the beauty of what we do (and maybe not think we are such odd ducks for liking quillting…well at least it might help a bit!)


On to my project! Sorry for the long post, but stick with me.  I promise it’s worth it.

Amy’s book is on Sampler quilts.   She gives 50 different blocks PLUS some fantastic layout ideas for using those blocks (plus lots of other info).  And I really adore her layouts for the samplers.  I’m not going to lie.  I don’t really love samplers.

Yep.  I said it.  I’m a quilter and I don’t like Sampler quilts.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the blocks, designing and making them.  I can enjoy other people’s Sampler quilts.  But they just don’t resonate with me all that often. So when I saw one particular layout Amy has called Celestial I was surprised at how much I loved it.  And immediately I knew what blocks to use for it and that I could make this right away.


These blocks are a set of blocks that I made over 6 years ago for my very first publication in the book, 99 Modern Blocks.  I had made all 11 of my blocks (plus an extra) in coordinating colors and fabrics as samples in addition to the ones published in the book.  But here I am, years later, and I have had no inclination to do anything with these blocks.  I had intended them to go into a quilt together…but nothing caught my eye.  Until Amy’s layout.


The layout makes the quilt 80″ x 80″ or so.  And I used a lavender solid for the background.  I pieced this quilt on the upper deck of my friend’s beautiful lake house in Canada on a girl’s quilting weekend, so the quilt is FULL of happy memories for me.


There is a person on each side holding this quilt up!

I did end up piecing it slightly differently than Amy suggested but I’m not sure it worked any better…I was just trying to accommodate the little cutting area that I had.



Now it’s off to a long arm quilter for some quilting love and then back home for snuggles.  Too bad I don’t have my own lake house to take it to. 😉

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  1. Love the book! It’s on my list. My surgery experience is limited, so I asked my five-year-old, who is a seasoned pro. He says to bring a stuffed animal, sing the ABC song whIle they’re putting you under, and bring a new Lego kit to the hospital to do whIle recovering. And movies. He recommended Daniel Tiger. Always ask for orange popsicles in post op, and make sure they use the orange spray when removing tape, etc. 🙂

  2. This looks like a great book. I follow Amy’s blog and love her ideas. Good luck with your surgery and I think everybody has great advice about taking it slow but getting on your feet as soon as you can, it just somehow makes you feel better. I’ve just started EPP and relax in front the TV at night and take it with me when I know I’ll be waiting. Loved Call the Midwife on PBS.

  3. So sorry to read the other day that you needed surgery 🙁 But I suggest taking full advantage of any pampering and getting waited on that comes your way. One really great idea is to do some positive affirmations as many days as you can before and after the surgery–post it notes, recordings, thoughts–all concentrating on successful surgery and gentle, rapid healing. For entertainment–I have a really weird sense of humor, but if you can stand laughing after your surgery–Netflix–Arrested Development–always makes me smile. Thanks so much for the giveaway–live Amy Gibson’s work–AND yours,

  4. Love the layout. It really lets the block shine! Good luck for your surgery and recovery. I’m sorry I have no tips for you, other than give yourself plenty of time, even when you think you are feeling better. It is too easy to have a relapse when you rush it

  5. I wish I had good tips! I’m facing a likely c-section here in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to need tips too! I guess I would say to get some easy freezer meals made before surgery so you can get dinner on the table easily. This one’s hard for me because I’m gluten free, too (which makes it tricky to accept well-intentioned meals from friends). But we’ve got about 8 meals frozen and will get some more frozen in the next week or so.

  6. This looks like a great book!
    Surgery tip: don’t be afraid to let other people help you :). Easier said than done, I know, but your family and fri da are happy to do it!

  7. Wow, this book looks great, I’d love to win a copy but if not its going on my wish list.
    when I went into hospital for a knee replacement a friend (male, gay) made me up a kit – baby/hand wipes, penis shaped jelly sweets, a penis straw, penis pen & book etc etc… get the idea. I didnt open it until after the surgery and it really cheered me up.

  8. One of the talented ladies from my guild has a block in this book. Give yourself time to heal after surgery, walk if they tell you to, and know that you have a lot of people cheering you on.

  9. My surgery tip- don’t get dressed too soon. Once you get dressed everyone thinks you’re better and expects you to take up your load again. Stay in PJs as long as you can! I like Louis LAmour for recuperating. Always a good story line, clean, not too involved and it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep, you can always pick up the story again. Love your blocks, speedy recovery. Thanks.


  11. Good luck and here is to a speedy uneventful recovery. My surgery tip listen to your body. If in pain do take your pain medication, rest, and get some movement daily. Thanks for letting us know about this book. It looks great.

  12. My tip post surgery is to “enjoy the down time”. I can ditto or echo all of the above as well – especially to tune-in and really listen to what your body is trying to say to you. Love your layout! It gives all the blocks plenty of space to shine! I’ve seen this celestial layout before and really was drawn to it as well. The book looks like a sure winner! Maybe it will come to my home! Thanks so much for your excellent book review.
    PS: Call the Midwife, Longmire and Turn are recent favorites. I also love all things British – so any BBC dramatic or history based series is great for me to connect with! Just finished the Final season of Inspector Lewis.

  13. Best wishes for a speedy recovery…get lots of rest and follow your doctor’s advice. Thanks for sharing your review of this book…looks like a great one for every quilter.

  14. HI, love your quilt top! (Don’t like Samplers either!) Go slow>whatever your surgery is:Heal+Be WELL!
    This Book looks great;like to win it! Thanks for sharing on your blog+in this giveaway!

  15. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a blessed surgery. Listen to your body, don’t rush your healing, eat light fare such as baked or grilled fish, sauteed veggies, light salads, drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. You probably do not want to eat too heavy if you find you are resting a lot.

    Try crochet or knitting. Both can be relaxing, a refreshing challenge, satisfy your need to create and hopefully of completing something while you are recuperating. I would love to crochet myself a scrap afghan but haven’t found the inclination to sit still long enough to do it. 🙂

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. Wishing you a good recovery. Lots of rest and most important of all listen to your body and don’t rush the recovery process. I would love to win that book, it looks very interesting.

  17. That book looks amazing!!
    Definitely lots of rest and fluids after surgery 🙂 Kinda oldschool, but the canadian series ‘Flashpoint’ is a great one for when you have to have down time!

  18. I just read The Hypnotist Love Story by Liane Moriarity and loved it….she has great books! I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  19. Your quilt top is stunning!!!! I love all things Amy does and I have this book on my wishlist!!! What a wonderful opportunity to win it…thank you!!! My best advise for recovering would be get lots and lots of rest, a big pot of potato soup and when you are up to it, some mindless, silly TV…..just something to make you laugh. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!!!! 🙏🏻😃

  20. I flipped through that book in a quilt shop and was amazed. I would have bought it but already at my limit with fabric which had been cut. I’d love to win the book. Try the series by Louise Penny but start with book one and read through all twelve. You won’t be diasppointed. You’ll love the characters especially Inspector Gamache. Rest and sleep. A little chocolate would be good, too.

  21. Oh no, surgery does not sound like fun! My tip would be to listen to your own body and don’t try and rush the recovery process, and if you feel up to it take a sketch book and create new designs for your next collection 🙂

  22. Love your top, you are always so inspirational! And the book looks fabulous! My tip for you is to put “rest” on your to do list. Then it will get done. At least that worked for me. I had to actively give myself permission to rest. Best of luck with the surgery.

  23. Your quilt looks beautiful , love the colors! I would go back to Downton Abby , start from the beginning. If you’ve seen it before then it won’t matter if you fall asleep here and there! Good luck with your surgery. Once it’s over it’s all behind you!

  24. I’ve made the same sampler twice with different fabrics of course so this looks interesting to me. I can recommend Stranger Things on Netflix, only 6 parts so not a huge commitment.

  25. Beautiful top! Good luck with the surgery…as so many have already said, go easy with recovery your body has been traumatized. If I was down for a few weeks I think I would re-read the Harry Potter series! or you could watch all the movies again too!

  26. Love your quilt, take it very easy, let people wait in you, listen to books on tape, most public libraries have a app so you can do it on line. I have always loved Amy Gibson’s patterns and I would love this book.

  27. I’m really interested in this book. I’m all about different layouts! Best of luck with your recovery. I love Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

  28. Angela, two things I found helpful when I had my knee replaced a few months ago, both have been listed, but the best advice is to stay ahead of the pain by taking your meds on time, and listen and follow your Dr’s guidelines. On Netflix, there is a lot of possibilities. I like light comedies (old ones with Cary Grant, Doris Day, etc) or there is a British Comedy called Death in Paradise with the best background music, and the solution to who did it has lots of twists, because everyone seems to have a perfect alibi. Best of luck to you, Amy’s book looks amazing!

  29. I just took this book of the library and will probably buy it when my library loan expires. it is wonderful
    My surgery advice– post op needs to be an enforce true vacation from daily tasks. give yourself permission to rest and not do anything– you most likely will be extremely tired and will need a break.– don’t try to rush your recovery but, as I don’t know what surgery you are having— this doesn’t mean not to do any exercises or pt that was prescribed

  30. Your quilt is beautiful. Hope your surgery goes well and you heal quickly. Give yourself lots of time to recover. Perhaps find some audio-books? I would love to win a copy of the book.

  31. The quilt is beautiful and I have some blocks that I plan to do this with as well! Surgery…I’ve had my fair share. My best advice is stay on top of the pain but be very aware pain meds tend to slow things down…way down… Buy you some Milk of Magnesia and don’t wait till it’s to late to take it… How is that for a polite way of saying it??

  32. What fabulous colors !! Maybe what to do before surgery–give your surgeon tips on how to “sew” you back up !!!
    Praying for a quick recovery for you. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Fabulous blocks, so glad you hung on to them – your decision to use them with so much open space really works!

    Post-op, do not try to be super-woman and do everything. Also, take the prescribed pain meds before you
    “really need them” for at least the first few days.

    Ditto on the last part of Lisa McGriff’s comment, as well.

  34. The book looks great! Thanks for the review. As for post -surgery advice—I like mint when my stomach is sensitive (Jr. Mints.) And lately I have enjoyed a show on PBS called Death in Paradise.

  35. Angela,
    Treat yourself well and indulge in anything that might appeal- Netflix, anything that might spur your appetite, audio books, soft fabric. Best wishes, Laura

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