To do… to do… to do…

Oh do I have a to do list! I’m getting to the point where I need to write it down so that I can prioritize what I am working on.

Let’s see…there’s the zig zag quilt mock up to make and then start on an actual quilt.

There’s the doll quilt that MUST be worked on.

There’s the something special that I really want to make to send with the doll quilt.

There’s the Mythology inspired blocks for Bee Modern Too for February…near the end of the month and still working on bee blocks!

There’s the March window block to make for Busy Bees.

There’s the March Star Block to make for VIBees.

There’s the gathering of scraps and picking of colors for Rachel’s (very slow and low pressure because I can’t handle more than that) Quilt Along.

There’s the organization of my fabric and sewing room.

There’s the arrangement of my fabric and some destashing to do on Etsy.

There’s the quilting of the Neapolitan Dreams quilt on the long arm.

Is that enough yet…? I could add more to that list, but those are the things that make the top of the list. Yep…that’s just the top. Sigh. Okay, Mike, you are not allowed to freak out over this post. I’ve made a to-do list and even made it public! Everyone can affirm you and tell me how insane I am. lol.

So…I need to tackle some of that. Most likely in the order that everything was listed. But something always seems to get bumped down or up…

But fun for you all….only 1!! day left on the fabric diet. I’ll’s been done for a couple of weeks for me now. 8 weeks was too long. LOL. I’m sure that many of you will agree. We’ll talk about it more tomorrow…but start tallying up your “good” weeks and your “bad” weeks. 😉

We’ve got a couple of fabulous giveaways coming up as well. And you know my fabric diet friends will get an extra entry for the sacrifice that most…er…some…of you have made. LOL. And we’ll definitely need to have celebrations for the end of the fabric diet!

Phew! So are you worn out yet? I am. I can’t do a post without some kind of picture…so I’ll share a current pic of my girlie. She’s sitting on the fabric that I had to purchase for the backing of my Neapolitan Dreams Quilt. She was like the cat. She went straight for it and sat down on it. She thinks that it is for her!

To do...  to do...  to do...

18 thoughts on “To do… to do… to do…”

  1. Yep, that's a list! Wow. I'm… impressed? Yes, I'm impressed because I know you'll finish it all. You're always super duper busy and somehow you get it all done. And seriously, none of it's life and death, you know?

    Oh, and there's Caitlyn rehearsing for the Cutest Girl Award again. I'm pretty sure she's a shoe-in 🙂

  2. Amy, I don't have a longarm…a local store has one that you can rent time on. Our modern quilt guild took a "class" on how to use it and now we are free to use it for a very reasonable rate.

    I wish I had a longarm…In time, in time.

  3. I'm actually re-starting my fabric diet. New sewing machine means no money for fabric! Plus I have to save up for sample spree in May!
    My overwhelming "to do" list is finally down to a manageable length. Little bit at a time… 🙂

  4. That doesn't seem like an especially long list compared to mine!

    I need to restart a fabric diet, too. I went on a LONG one last year (over six months, and stuck to it), prior to a mainland trip that included multiple fabric store visits. I totally made up for being "good" with massive yardage binging, which had been the plan all along.

  5. your list is crazy! i think i have a lower tolerance for things like that. i have about 5 projects going and i can't wait to get them done!

    your little gal is absolutely cute!

  6. My list is so long right now it's scaring me – so I pick the five most important ones and try to ignore the rest until I get those done! And by the way, your little Caitlyn is adorable!!

  7. The Zoo Keeper-ette

    Lists are the BEST- tell hubby that it helps the sanity, and a less sane wife is NOT a good thing 🙂 hehe!! LOVE it- my life is full of lists 🙂

  8. I've been seriously considering doing a "list of shame" post on my blog, but I think it would be much better as a "To-do" list instead! Less self-imposed guilt that way 🙂

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