Triangle Jungle Quilt – Complete!

Triangle Jungle Quilt

Well I gave myself a goal and I’m sooo happy that I was able to meet it.  I set out to make this quilt for my husband for Father’s Day yesterday and I was actually able to pull it off.  It all started with my bundle from The Fat Quarter Shop and I just went from there.  I added more of the deep saturated colors like Navy, Brown, and a slew of Anna Maria Horner Fabrics that never seemed to have a home in other quilts I made.

Triangle Jungle Quilt

The quilt measures somewhere about 60″ x 85″….not the biggest quilt I’ve ever made, but a very generous “lap” quilt.  My husband is 6’2″ and I knew he would need a longer quilt to really snuggle with this.

Triangle Jungle Quilt

I did the quilting on my Janome Horizon, a simple free motion stipple design.  Which turned out to be a big pain in my a$$ because my machine and I were not on speaking terms that day.  Always seems to happen when you are on a deadline.  She wanted to be babied and cleaned out before anything could happen.  Cue 2 hours later…. finally was able to *start* quilting.  And then of course my back flipped over on itself over and over resulting in a lot of time between myself and my seam ripper.  Just keeping it real here.

Triangle Jungle Quilt

A fair amount of my troubles with the quilting stemmed from the fact that I used a poly batting with this quilt (that’s the only kind my husband likes.  He’s been telling me for YEARS. lol) and the spray basting.  The two don’t seem to mix too well.  I actually do like poly batting for the loft it gives but heck if I don’t like working with it for free motion quilting.  Trying to figure out if it would have been simpler to do straight line stitching.  Ah well.  Live and learn.

Triangle Jungle Quilt

The whole quilt is backed in Katie Jump Rope dots and bound with a new fabric from Cloud 9 fabrics available at Joanns (its so nice to be able to see fabrics IN PERSON before buying them by the way).  Over all the whole quilt is pretty but still masculine enough to suit both my tastes and my husband’s.

Triangle Jungle Quilt

And look!  He was even helpful enough to hold up the quilt for me to photograph today.  He assures me that he was both surprised and loves it.  Time will tell if it gets used enough!  Right now it’s living on our sofa and has been in good use for the last couple days.

34 thoughts on “Triangle Jungle Quilt – Complete!”

  1. I generally make quilts for a bed but I did notice on a lap quilt I did that the cotton batting does not snuggle up to the body.
    I would use the poly next time as I think it would rape better. It would be hard to quilt though.
    Beautiful quilt!

  2. Poly batting does have the best loft, but can be a bit of a bear to work with. I straight line quilted a high loft one a little while ago, and it turned out fine, but I pinned like crazy and really pushed that thing under the foot since it seemed like it would be prone to drag. It wasn't too bad, though, if you ever try it in the future! It prob would work better for my machine if I could adjust the foot pressure, but I only had one tuck, which I thought was pretty fantastic, considering.

  3. It turned out so nice. And the stippling looks good too (you can't tell at all that it gave you grief!). It looks like hubby likes it too 🙂 I think the navy and rust colors in there really help with the "masculine" feel. Great job, I'm inspired to add triangles to my to try list.

  4. It's fantastic. The colors and design do look masculine but without being blatantly manly :). Your points are so pointy too!! You always do such crisp work.

  5. Love it! I feel your pain with the seam ripper. I got my Dad's Father's Day quilt done for yesterday but I am finishing up my husband's. I had the evening to myself and tried to get fancy with the quilting on my little Kenmore machine. I spent two and a half hours with the seam ripper because I didn't like what I quilted. So, hopefully I'll have a finishe tomorrow because after that, nothing else is happening with the quilt today.

  6. it is so hard to get colours that suit … MEN.. so you did realy well… I bet he never even noticed the quilting xx just enjoy that he loves it .. and I am sure he knows the love that was sewn into it xx

  7. awesome quilt! i just had the same experience with quilting over a flipped corner of the backing. what a pain. how does the joann cloud 9 feel? is it comparable to DS quilts?

  8. Lovely finish. I haven't tried triangles yet but I'm not sure why. My son is 6'3" so I know the "fun" of making quilts long enough to cover him. His best friend is getting married on Saturday and he's 6'4" so his had to be longer. (Grin) Oh, well. It just means I get to play with more pretty fabric. I hope your husband enjoys your sweet gift.

  9. try using pins instead of spray…..less likely to have problems with flipping and I think it is easier to deal with taking out pins than fight sticky spray. Love the triangles !

  10. I think this quilt is very masculine and I just love the triangles. It's a b***h when things don't go as planned, but it sure turned out lovely


    I've been looking for a pattern for a quilt for my 6'8" son and this has to be it. I love these colors but his wife shuns blue so I have been accumulating black/white fabrics and the back of this one gives me an inspiration for a gray/white background. I've been picking up FQ's here and there and I have a Shades of Black jelly roll but it won't make the triangles. Just musing…do you have an idea of a pattern that is masculine enough to work with a jelly roll. I've looked and looked. You did an awesome job with this one and your seam ripper escapade made me smile because I've been there-done that. Nice to know it happens to the pros too.

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