Triangle Jungle – A Quilt in Progress

I’ve been feeling that itch to quilt.  But nothing too fussy…just fun and something that lets me chop up a bunch of fabric pretty quickly and get it back together quickly as well.

I had that beautiful stack of fat quarters from my blogger bundle for the Fat Quarter Shop…. (which looks like it is finally in stock!!  Go grab one!)

Triangle Jungle

I *was* thinking of starting a Weekender with that fabric, but frankly I’m still scared of that pattern.  I needed to make something I was very comfortable making…a quilt. And I finally figured out a pattern.  Triangles.  Oh do I love triangles!

Triangle Jungle

I used a Fons and Porter triangle ruler that I bought who knows when and got to chopping up ALL of the Fat Quarters from my bundle plus about 9 more…something like that.  It’s changed the overall look of the color scheme a bit because I decided to embrace a bit of crazy pattern and darker saturated colors.

Triangle Jungle

Here it is a few rows into the design process….

Triangle Jungle

I’m loving it!  It’s a different color scheme than I originally intended for these fabrics.  But the hints of brown and gray in my additional fabrics I added and really saturated teals and navys are just so fun!  My motto became :When in doubt, add Anna Maria Horner fabrics.  So happily I used some that I have been holding on to for a long time without knowing what project they should be in.  And THIS is it.  I’m sooo happy when I find the perfect place for long held fabrics.

Triangle Jungle

I feel like less of a hoarder of pretty fabrics, and more like a person who patiently waits for just the right project for select fabrics.  Haha!  Gotta love the self imposed labels.  I can’t be the only one who does that, right?

But the pretty triangles are all coming together.  Here’s a moment of perfect point happiness.  Let’s hope I can get most of them to look like this!  It does take some pinning but it is worth it.

Triangle Jungle

I have about 2/3 of the rows sewn now and will sew the rest together today.  Then it will be onto sewing all of those rows together.  It’s coming together quickly and I needed that.  Then it’s off to get a special batting for this and I’ll explain about that later. (ahh…the suspense…can you stand it!?)

19 thoughts on “Triangle Jungle – A Quilt in Progress”

  1. Wow beautiful. Triangle scare me… You're right, that AMH fabric was made to complement that gorgeous bundle! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. wow, it is just beautiful! I have yet to work with triangles but I really think that will be the next template/ruler I give a go! I love your fabric choices, that bundle is gorgeous!

  3. These colors are beautiful! About the Weekender: I just finished my 3rd and they do get easier. But I must admit, while I follow the directions, I don't use all the "ingredients" the pattern calls for. Perhaps that's why I haven't found it as difficult as other people have said. I'm cheap, so I have found cheaper alternatives to the interfacing she says to use. And I've used cotton, not home decore fabric.

    You should try it! I think you'll be just fine.

  4. Fun! I'm in the planning stages for one of these triangle quilts but mine are going to be much larger due to the scale of the fabric. I didn't want to lose any of the print but that should make it go together even faster. I love the fabrics of yours fun and different!

  5. This looks like a lot of fun! I like to quilt and make pretty clothes and things, too.

    Would you mind telling me what sewing machine you use? Mine has recently kicked the bucket, and I'm looking to pick up a workhorse. I figure that with the amount of posts you put up, you're quite the test of a long-lived machine. 🙂

    1. Theresa, I have two machines that I use. One is a Brother Innovis 650 I believe and the other is the Janome Horizon. Both are lovely machines with different strengths. The subject of what machine to buy is about as tricky as trying to find a pair of pants that fit! lol It all depends on your needs. Neither machine I mentioned is particularly cheap…both retail for over $1500 easily. I'm not sure of your budget, so all I can say is that I buy the best machine I can afford for the type of sewing I am doing.

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