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So many tutus…so little time.  lol  My girl certainly didn’t NEED another tutu but we’re deep in the trenches of dressy dress up over here.  So when a friend was looking for some no sew ideas for a craft night, this tutu came into our lives.


Completely NOT my original idea.  Nope.  This was one that was found on pinterest and I happily followed someone else’s tutorial.  I of course can’t find it now, but that link takes you to dozens of similar ideas and perhaps the one I used.  So you’ll catch on.   I used two brightly colored 6″ wide tulle rolls and one purchased crochet headband.  Plus I attached some sparkly buttons on with super strong glue.  Perfect for a princess!


I have some mixed feelings about this particular tutu.  I LOVE the crochet waist band idea.  genius.  pure genius.  I don’t love as much the individual strands of tulle that make up the tutu.  They seem to get tangled around the waistband too often.  I prefer tutus make from one large piece of tulle.  But this was no sew and works well for an evening craft.

I also wanted to make a little tshirt for her that was no sew (again for the non sewing crafters that evening).  I ended up with some buttons and simple knit flowers hand sewn onto the tshirt.


You can see from my mosaic there that I just did a loose gather on a long skinny strip of knit fabric.  Pulled it taut and secured it in place.  I’m a little “meh” about it myself.  But I think that’s because I really wanted to sew something with my machine.  lol  My daughter put it on for all of about 10 seconds before she was done with it.  I guess she feels the same way. 😉


But a cute little gift nonetheless.  And a fairly quick one.  This could even be good for a Christmas day craft if you ask me.

I also made a second one of these because I wanted to make a blue/gold one for the upcoming ND bowl game.  (No worries if that means nothing to you).  Little miss has been refusing to wear any team apparel, so I thought a school spirit tutu was in order.  It was indeed a success with her but not with me.  I used GLITTER tulle rather than shimmer tulle.  Don’t do it people!  I don’t care how much you like how it glitters in the store.  You, your child, and your WHOLE HOUSE will be covered with glitter.  Live and learn…and clean up glitter for the rest of your life. lol

Now I have a picture for you of her in the blue/gold one but it also includes me “wearing” the pink/blue one.  My brother took it and I’ll just say that only a brother would take this photo and then post it to facebook.  gah!  But I just have to look at the smile on my daughter’s face to know that it was worth it.  She kept telling me I was a beautiful princess.  Ah sweet innocence!  Enjoy. 😉

Oh and stay tuned for tomorrow because we have a HUGE giveaway going on!  Let’s just say that if you have been dreaming about designing your own quilts you will be VERY happy with this giveaway. 😉  Just in time for Christmas!

11 thoughts on “Tutu Time”

  1. Love them! I can completely confirm the NO GLITTER tulle recommendation! I helped a teen make a black glitter tutu skirt to peek out under her prom dress this spring. There was glitter all over my living room just from cutting it alone, and we tied it outside. I'm sure her mother and the prom venue were both thrilled with the clean-up, lol! Great job!!

  2. Those are so cute!! I totally need to make some Blue and Gold ones for the big game, my girls will love them and they will be so cute with their little jersey's. We are getting pretty excited around here, and yesterday there was even a bowl game menu planned. Too fun!!

  3. Yes, there is a comedian (can't think of who right now). Who calls glitter the herpes of crafting. You can never get rid of it. What a fun blog post.

  4. Lovely tutu! This brings back such wonderful memories. My now 42 year old daughter was 3 that Christmas. I made her a tutu, a tiara and fairy princess wand. Bought a small black leotard and some ballet shoes. It was the BEST! I think all components were totally worn out and not worthy to pass on a year or two later. Worn at all times and to many events. That little outfit was a winner and made many days enjoyable. Merry Christmas and am anxious about the giveaway tomorrow.

  5. Beautiful work Angela! Gorgeous colors.
    I am looking for 9 quilters to volunteer to make a bit larger than lap sized quilt for one of the 11 communications operators in Newtown and was wondering if you would be willing to help? It needs to be completed by mid-late January for personal delivery by February. If interested, please Email me and I will send you more details!

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