An unexpected surprise

So if you’ve followed my blog or ever look over at the sidebar, you may know that the Paula Deen show asked me to make dishtowels for them a while back. Due to shooting the show and then post-production, I don’t think that the actual episodes have aired with my dishtowels in them. LOL. But I need to check on that again. I think that I sent them about 4 different sets of 8…I can’t remember anymore! It was when I was so sick with my pregnancy that I couldn’t even look at certain fabrics and I hadn’t sewn for four months. But they needed them for the show and so I rallied to get them made.

An unexpected surprise

Anyway…. it was very cool when the woman who is my contact with the show sent me the pictures of Paula wearing my dishtowels (don’t worry she was wearing clothes as well. LOL). Remember these?

An unexpected surprise

Pretty fun, right? Well then she told me that they had used one of the dishtowels on their website…that’s the photo in my sidebar. Again, super cool.

So…the other day I was shopping at Borders (a book store here in the US) and looking for a new calendar. I saw Paula Deen’s calendar for her Best Dishes show (she has a lot of different shows) and that is the one that my dishtowels are supposed to be on. So I picked it up just to see what the calendar was like. And guess what?

Yep…that very picture that they used for the website, they also used for the calendar. I believe it’s for the month of October. Something that I made is in Paula Deen’s calendar!!! It cracked me up because this time they didn’t tell me. I still need to contact them and thank them. And I could so easily have missed that if I hadn’t just happened by.

So, of course, I had to buy the calendar! How could I not?! But I haven’t opened it up from the plastic wrap yet. I don’t know if I want to. I could see my picture from the back of the calendar with the mini shots they give you of the months.

An unexpected surprise

Mine is in the bottom left-hand corner. But I did kind of want to see it larger…and so the power of google comes in. Here is a video of a man going through all the pages of the calendar. He sadly does not spend too much time on my page, but it was still pretty cool.

It’s pretty fun when you walk into a bookstore and see a picture of something that you have made. 😉

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  1. Duuude! How awesome. I love the photos of Paula modelling for you. She is a very sweet woman. She came into my shop in Annapolis a while back when they were filming locally and wanted to sample the cupcakes from the bakery in my building. She was very complimentary about my little shop and petted my dog. Tickled me pink. Congrats on the calender shot – you are famous now!

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