I’m a total Gleek. Yep, that’s right a Gleek. I’m a geek too, but in this case, I do mean the crazy word I said. What does that mean? Well, some of you probably know immediately, but for those who don’t…it means that I love the show Glee. I really just love getting to see musical numbers performed every week. I’m a singer and I just enjoy other singers!

But Angela, you say, the season is over. They are starting reruns of the last season and you’ve already watched every episode an obscene number of times thanks to your DVR. Why yes. That is true. But I have a new love…” The Glee Project”. It’s showing on Oxygen right now and is a reality show about hopeful actors auditioning for a reoccurring guest role on Glee next season. And I’m loving it. I’m such a sap…but it’s more singing, more teen angst. And this week. More Vulnerability.


(pendant available from triplewordscore)

I know. Reality tv is such a mixed bag. Is it really a reality for a bunch of talented actors and singers to audition for a show together for 10 weeks? No, probably not. But that’s not stopping me from enjoying the heck out of it.

Maybe it’s because I stayed up to watch the midnight showing or maybe it’s because life is in a lot of turmoil right now, but the theme of vulnerability is one that really struck a chord (pardon the pun) with me. I can’t tell you how vulnerable I feel every day when I put something out for the world to see. I’m always worried that someone will not like the quilt that I’ve made for them…or someone will see what I’ve made and think “that’s nothing special”.

It’s difficult to find the confidence sometimes to post constantly and feel fresh and new and exciting and upbeat and enthusiastic and… I wonder sometimes if you really knew me if you would still read what I’m writing and check out what I’m making. I do know some of you would because you have indeed met me and still stick around. lol. But I’m just a normal person doing normal things. And I don’t know why people are interested in someone so NORMAL.


(image courtesy of

This normal gal is struggling to put together a quilt that contains some of the most beautiful blocks I’ve had the pleasure to be given. But it is alluding to me. And it has been for a year! We’re talking Katie Jump Rope blocks made by some of the most talented quilters out there in blogland…seriously. And I can’t figure out what to do with them.

Making Katie Jump

(some of the blocks from the bee)

So feeling a little, and sometimes a lot vulnerable, (especially about this post!) this gal is headed off to bed…and will hopefully dream of a way to make this quilt make sense. Although I suppose life isn’t too bad when you feel burdened from a quilt layout. 😉 I do try to occasionally keep things in perspective.

12 thoughts on “Vulnerability”

  1. My name is Deb and I too am a Gleek. I have made sure to NOT watch The Glee Project. I am trying to wean myself from TV and just watch specific programs.
    That said, I know the feeling of wanting to be "up" as a blogger; those feelings of "putting yourself out there." It's hard! I don't know how some bloggers write every day!!

    Those blocks are fabulous! Sometimes it's harder to put together a "sampler" type collection of blocks. Have browse the internet for ideas? Maybe try Google "images"? Sometimes looking at others can spark an idea in you.
    Deb from

  2. I just wrote a comment, deleted it, wrote it again… well I can't decide what I should write here about vulnerability and reality tv. So maybe ask me to revisit it in a couple weeks?

    Thanks for this post on vulnerability though, great to think of and I think we all have some of that floating around.

    As for your lovely bee blocks have you thought of maybe stacking them into two rows, no sashing, and offsetting it by wide strips of a solid fabric (maybe a narrow strip then a wide strip on either side) … then doing the same on the other side to use all the blocks? (example here: 🙂

  3. I understand completely how you feel about your blog – it constantly amazes me that anyone wants to read mine too!! But just hang in there – you have a very interesting blog and lots of pretty eye candy! I like your bee blocks – but I agree that samplers are the hardest to put together. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you end up with.

    Gleeks rule!!!

  4. Those are wonderful blocks, and you will love having them in a quilt, so maybe focus on how you imagine using the quilt and some ideas will start to flow. And I love your blog and your work, don't overthink it, just have fun.

  5. You have nothing to feel vulnerable about. I have never seen anything but amazing quilts on your blog. You will come up with a great way to use those beautiful blocks!!!

  6. Your blog is always fresh and interesting to me. Always. And, hello. I'm a Gleek as well. I didn't know about the Oxygen program. Now I'm going to have to check it out. I have all the Glee songs on my ipod. And your blocks are fabulous. That block in the middle row, second one in from the right is such a cool design with HSTs!

  7. Vulnerable- I am not surprised after moving and house upheavals, and bloggy wobbles, I guess all bloggers go through this from time to time- the panic of putting new stuff out there, the wonder at why people tune in. I am just happy you are blogging Angela, your stuff is always interesting and fresh to see. This is a bit strange but I imagine those blocks in one long line- a bit like a cot bumper but more of a banner- maybe as a decoration in your craft space- sorry I guess that is not helpful!

  8. You know what?? I don't know you, but I can tell we're kindred spirits! It's funny what you can learn about a person through the things that are important to them. And the effort you take into making everything you make a wonderful thing means a lot! I think "normal" people doing "normal" things is what makes them extra-orindary!! I am so looking forward to meeting you for real too :). Keep on keepin' on and all will work out- even the jump rope quilt- which is lovely just sitting there, even 🙂

  9. *siiiiiiigh* I a total Gleek too. I cried during the finale, like ACTUALLY CRIED when Kurt and Rachel sang "For Good" on the Wicked stage (one of my all time favourite shows)…. I think my other half thought there was something really wrong with me! 😉

    We haven't had "The Glee Project" here yet… but I will definitely keep my eyes peeled, sounds like it might be right up my alley!

    I don't suppose you got into "the search for the next Elle Woods" show too by any chance…..?

  10. Ha! I am a Gleek as well. Got to see the live show in Toronto recently- AWESOME!!

    And for the record, I think you are great 🙂 Looking forward to meeting up at the Sewing Summit!

  11. Angela? Normal? you are more like a Diva, girl! There's a lot about you I admire. I totally see your fear of putting things out there, happens to me all the time, and I'm not as good at this sewing/ patchwork stuff as you are… I usually try to just remind myself that I'm mainly doing this for my pleasure and if other people like it, then its just the icing on the cake!

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