We interrupt this program for….sweetness!

Caitlyn Halloween OutfitI’ll get back to showing you all the blocks from Modern Blocks soon (there’s still four more plus alternate colorways of 7 of them! geeze!). But I am first and foremost a super proud mom and I had to show some pictures of my cutie on halloween!

One of my friends passed down this adorable halloween outfit that Caitlyn wore the previous couple of weekends. I was actually surprised that the colors looked so good on her, but they did! And in true daughter of a quilter fashion, she would only stand still for the picture if she could hold a quilting ruler in EACH hand!

I managed to chase her around our tiny place and catch a few more shots of her… One of my absolute favorites was when she pulled out the dust pan and started trying to “clean up” daddy’s laundry on the floor. Poor thing is DEFINITELY our daughter. lol

Caitlyn Halloween Outfit

Her costume for Halloween was one that I purchased from Old Navy…can’t beat the price and the ease. Maybe when she plays dress up throughout the year I’ll start making her costumes…but for now, I’m happy to buy them! She was the sweetest cupcake around!

Caitlyn Halloween Outfit

She’s so social that she still isn’t very interested in the candy in the bucket thing. She just loved seeing other kids dressed up and all the decorated houses. She kept leaving the front doors before they could give her candy. lol One man was actually sweet enough to walk across his lawn to give her some. She always attracts people.

Caitlyn Halloween Outfit

She was pretty pleased with herself in her costume because she could tell she looked cute. 😉 Gotta love it. Thanks for indulging me. I had to share this cute gal with you all. She’s what keeps me from sewing after all. lol

18 thoughts on “We interrupt this program for….sweetness!”

  1. Too cute. I love her little cheeks.

    My youngest is about that age and all she could talk about on Halloween were the "sca-wee" costumes and wouldn't let go of her dad during trick or treating. 🙂

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