What’s on the Design Wall?

Well now that you all know that I have this lovely new design wall in my sewing room, I figured that it was only fair to show you what I put on there! So I thought I would start a new little feature on what is on the design wall. I’d like to say that I will do this every week…but I’m not sure how realistic that is. LOL. It might not change that often.

Currently, I’ve been using it to work on a quilt for my niece. A very pink quilt. All the blocks were made with the help of my Pretty in Pink Bee, but I’ve been working hard at all the sashing, the cornerstones, and the outer triangles. And let me tell you…I’m not sure that I could have done this complicated quilt without a design wall!

Let me explain. All of the sashing fabric was cut from a running print…so the print runs not from selvage to selvage (as most do) but across the fabric horizontally. So I painstakingly cut out the pieces that I needed from a fabric from my stash (woohoo!) and when I didn’t have enough…well, I made it work! Tim Gunn style! I pieced together partial pieces to create more sashing. And you wouldn’t know it unless you were looking for it. Yay me!

What's on the Design Wall

Every single piece of fabric on this quilt has come from my stash. Not a single new print has been purchased! And I intend to keep it that way…through the border, the backing and the binding! It will be a twin-sized quilt when all is said and done, so I’m still debating how I plan to quilt this one.

At this point, each diagonal row is sewn, but now I need to sew each of them to each other to have the full top (minus the border). It’s kind of a jumble of crazy pink, but I like it. It is for a 5-year-old girl after all. She won’t be five forever, but I like to think that enough of the colors are mature enough that they can transition with her for a while. Hey, I’d like it and I’m 31!

What's on the Design Wall

It’s been so lovely to have the design wall because those sashing pieces are different for every piece and there is a very specific arrangement…plus all of those out triangles to keep track of. It would have been a mess to try to keep this all straight on the floor. Plus, did I mention that my iron started beeping like the crazy watch in “Stranger than Fiction” and shooting out smoke!?! That put a halt to my sewing for a few days! I had to get a new iron…I’m not taking any chances with that one.

So that’s “What’s on the Design Wall”. Hopefully, I’ll have progress to show you next week as well. The pictures may not look too different though because the benefit of the design wall is that it shows you what your quilt will basically look like as you are working on it! I can’t wait to finish this and start in on another one of my UFO’s. I already know the next one I want to do…and I think that it will go pretty quickly. (She says before she begins to work on it!) And I should again be able to use all fabric from my stash!

And speaking of fabric…don’t forget that tomorrow is Check-in Day for the Fabric Diet. Come with your tales of sadness…whether it was a successful week and you didn’t buy fabric or it was an unsuccessful week and you did. LOL. Or call them tales of happiness…we’ll look at the glass as half full. Can you tell that I was “successful”? tales of sadness… LOL.

14 thoughts on “What’s on the Design Wall?”

  1. Beautiful quilt, Angela! And I know what you mean about a design wall – my hubby gave me a Fons & Porter design wall – the one with the holes at the top like a shower curtain – and I have been having a wonderful time using it! How did I ever get by without one??

  2. wow, its super cute for a little girl! Its good to see you making a quilt with stash fabrics, especially so big. I just started pulling out fabrics and am hoping to get started on a new quilt too!

  3. The Zoo Keeper-ette

    Oh my word!! I am older than you and I ADORE pink- she's gonna go nuts!!! She will be in heaven- such a lucky little girl!

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