Whoops! blush….Fabric Diet fail (But I had a great time LOL)

Oh dear!

I must be honest.

I bought some fabric.


It didn’t take me very long to fall off the wagon. LOL. But let me explain. Well, let me justify my purchases. 😉

First (yes, I bought more than one :p), I was looking to be a good girl and swap some fabric or goods for some Heather Ross Mendocino Fabric.

I WAS NOT intending to purchase it. LOL. I asked about the going rate swap-wise for these fabrics and basically, through a series of events, I was put in contact with a woman who has a yarn shop who had a few fat quarters of the fabric that she was selling AT REGULAR PRICE! Oh…I caved. Partially I was quite grateful for the work a number of people had done on my behalf to find this fabric and partially, well, because I know what I want to do with this fabric and I am going to use it…oh yeah…and it was REGULAR PRICE! LOL.

I’ll be getting a little of this:

and this:

Fabric Diet fail

Then….I had a fabulous day with Kaelin and Karen who are both in the NOLA modern quilt guild and we shopped until we dropped. But what I really bought was comic book backing board to try to make mini bolts of fabric for my fabric stash. Ironically, we pulled up to the fabric store and right next door was a comic book store! It was destiny. I went to see if they had what I was looking for and he did! And he was not at all surprised to hear why I was buying it. He apparently sells more of that to quilters than comic book owners. Too funny!

But then we went in the fabric store.

And they had a little bit of park slope that was very much on sale…. now I never find park slope and certainly not at that price. And there were a couple of other prints, a henna garden and a ta dot that were very on sale (I only bought a 1/2 yard of those). In my head I needed the park slope at least. The shade of orange is a difficult one to find and I knew that it would add to my stash. So not very much money was spent! Yay! But I had to be honest and let you know that I bought some fabric. sigh. I feel both a little guilty and super delighted.

But really…you should have seen how many fabrics I restrained on! We went to hobby lobby as well…so two fabric stores!! Temptation everywhere. And I only bought the smallest amount at that first store because I was going by my own rules that if you are going to break your diet do it all at once and then get back on track.

So really, a little mendocino and a little park slope…all at excellent prices. I refuse to feel too bad about it. 😉

But I’m going to be a good girl again….part of that means no more fabric stores and part of that means swapping for fabric instead of purchasing. I did one swap this week, started another and may have a third one going. So that’s what we like to see! And I think that organizing my fabrics, both scraps and yardage will help enormously because I will be forced to look at each and every piece and see what I need, want, love, hate, etc.

Forgive me for being a bit of a bad example…but then again, I’m not doing this to win anything. 😉


15 thoughts on “Whoops! blush….Fabric Diet fail (But I had a great time LOL)”

  1. Oh Angela – your first mistake was going into a fabric store! I have absolutely no will power when I walk in one – so I just don't go!! But if you had to break your diet, at least you got great stuff!! Now – – – get back on track!!

  2. I'm worried I'm going to fall off the wagon on Wednesday–I told a friend of mine, who's a new quilter, I'd take her to the awesome LQS in Pensacola. Maybe I should forget to bring my wallet? I LOVE Park Slope and Mendocino so I don't blame you one bit! Don't suppose you got any leaf dots? I have pink and green, but I "need" the others! Did you buy out all the Mendocino? No, wait, don't tell me. Just lie and say it's all gone!

  3. I don't feel so bad, then. I have been really good and really don't plan on buying anything for another 7 weeks. BUT…I forgot that we had 13 people in our VIBee, and I only bought enough Kona Coal for 12. Then, I made a block as a demo, which only left 11 FQs (but there are 12 others to mail to), so I had to get 1 FQ of Kona Coal to replace the piece she's using from her own stash. So, buying fabric for someone else really doesn't count, does it 😉

  4. Oh, and THANK YOU for the comic book backing board idea! I was looking at the pre-made ones for fabric, but they are ridiculously expensive, so I am so excited to hear of an economical alternative 🙂

  5. at least this is all at once!

    how do you fold your fabric around the comic book boards? I havent heard of it.

    I will have to be very good in the next few weeks- Im hoping to buy a new machine to do stippling (I just have a regular sewing machine) but that involves going into a quilt shop I havent been to before… Luckily I was told that they have the more expensive fabric that I havent worked my way up to yet! (at least thats what I tell myself! ha!)

  6. I probably would have caved too if I'd had the Mendocino right in front of me. I love that fabric. I have a $10 gift certificate for an on-line store that I won. I don't think I can use it right now, because really, do you think I'm going to stop at $10?

  7. LOL! Thanks for sharing your indiscretion.
    I thought about joining your diet plan, briefly. I then promptly went online and made a huge order, okay 2 huge orders. I really don't see how you all are doing this. But, I definitely see the reasoning. As a fairly new quilter I am quickly emassing a large amount of fabricy goodness. So, I think you have done remarkably well, considering the damage you could have done!

  8. I am sorry, I a laughing….too funny and too many of us has done the same thing and promised not to do it again. Good luck but your fabric is lovely…

  9. You're forgiven. And those were totally justified!
    What color Henna Garden was it? I'm desperately seeking the pumpkin color to complete my collection. Thanks!

  10. I'm really the one to blame, because I organized the whole outing and egged her on to buy the fabric! But seriously, how often do you find those prints for $4.99/yard…AND at a LQS where you don't have to pay shipping?!

    So I'm slapping my own hand and will try not to tempt your leader from here on out 🙂

  11. Oh, the fabrics are beautiful… don't blame you. I went to my first local Quilters Club meeting and didn't know they always have a "special" item on sale each month for us…. ugh. I didn't do TOO badly …. but winter fat quarters were only $1! How do I pass that up. I only bought 7 of them…. but that is a fail, huh! At least I don't have a meeting until next month and I have been good other than that (just deleting the emails for sales I get and my hubby has been helping)! Good luck everyone!

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