Work work work…

Well I’ve been sewing every day I think and I still have a mountainous pile of things to get done…quilts to finish and start! Clothes to make and mend… Bee blocks to send out…swaps to finish. Oh, the craziness of my sewing world.

In fact, it’s gotten so crazy that my husband and I have decided to do some rearrangement of furniture in my sewing/guest room. It’s pretty much going to become a sewing room with space for a mattress when we actually do have guests. They do not come even once a month, and real estate is too valuable to use a room mainly as a guest room these days. I need the room to sew and really just to organize better and (gasp!) have a design wall! get those quilts off the floor. Ironically we do a guest staying with us this weekend, so we can’t get started on the rearrangements until next week….but I will definitely be posting pictures of my newly arranged sewing rooms sans guest bed.

But I did say that I have been sewing didn’t I…well let me prove it.

Sadly I was late with November’s block for Amy for the Pretty in Pink Bee. November just got away from me with us going out of town for Thanksgiving. But I did manage to get them out just a few days into December. I felt a little rushed on them, but Amy is very sweet and says that she loves them. I personally like some of the other blocks that were made for her much better…but that’s okay.

I really let the fabrics speak to me…and as hokey as that sounds, they definitely wanted to be made into certain things. I suppose it’s a good thing if I am becoming one with the fabric. LOL.

First off, I made a little hilltop scene (did I mention that Amy wanted house blocks and coordinating blocks?) with two little houses, a tree, the sun and I snuck a raccoon in there as well.

Work work work

Trust me, in the pretty in pink bee world, it totally makes sense for a tree to be pink…just as you’ll see in the next block that it completely makes sense for the water to be pink!

I also made a little sailboat on the water. Again that fabric was just speaking and telling me what to do.

Work work work

They could be any size we wanted, so mine are various sizes but both are fairly large blocks. I think that her quilt will be super cute with all these pink houses and a pink world. You should check out the bee for some of the other blocks…although beware…I’m not the only who is running a bit behind. 😉

Work work work

Then as it turns out, Pretty in Pink is the only yearly bee of mine that wasn’t taking December off. Don’t know how I missed that…but it’s okay because guess what?! I already finished and mailed of those blocks to cilvee! Woohoo! I was determined to get back on my normal overachieving schedule of being one of the first ones done in any given month. cilvee wanted star blocks of any size and design and sent us the lovely pinks from Joel dewberry’s modern meadow. sigh. I think that I could live forever in Modern Meadow. I like it every time that I see it! anyway…enough of my obsessions.

I’m still working on designs that incorporate a hexagon at the center and sort of spin out from there. So I made this large star block:

Work work work

it’s pretty on point too.

Work work work

I also made her a smaller wonky star block from leftover scraps. I like how the dark background works against the lighter star fabrics.

Work work work

So I’m happy to have that bee completed for the month…I’ve mailed off my modern swappers package and my giveaway and both pretty in pink sets of blocks.

12 thoughts on “Work work work…”

  1. Super-fun bee blocks!! I really love the twirly look the star has.

    Good for you for claiming the guest room space for your sewing! We had similar thoughts when we downsized from a suburban house to an urban townhouse – we get visitors *maybe* 3 times a year. NOT often enough to need a separate room devoted full-time (or even mainly) to guests.

  2. Ditto to your idea about dedicating your space to sewing! It's the same thing at my house. Funny, I have only had 1 guest stay 1 night in my sewing room in 18 months–I can't imagine NOT dedicating the space to ME 🙂 So happy for you!

  3. I love all the Pink things, I see absolutely nothing wrong with Pink water or Pink trees or Pink house!!! I wish the real world was more PINK!!! Great star!! Love it all!

  4. I would love to get the pattern for that hexi Star block. That is really cool. Almost looks like a knot in the center. Thanks for sharing.

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