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Well I’ve been working on a number of sewing projects and have at least my bee blocks to show you…and a sneak peak at my pillow. I’m not going to tell you about the things that I don’t have finished yet with upcoming deadlines…

First off, I finished Ulrike’s blocks for Bee Modern Too. She gave us the inspiration of this picture:

worker bee

Isn’t that fun?! So the idea was to create blocks of a certain height but any length inspired by both the colors and linear feel of the legos. And we could add in some shades of those colors in solids (which of course I did! LOL) and she sent some accent colors to add some punch here or there.

Block #1. Definitely my favorite of the two. I was inspired by a number of bordered blocks, quilts and pillows I’ve seen around. I did this in an improv manner…only measuring the white border to be consistent. Therefore it took me a lot longer than I thought…I really should have just sat down and designed it first. But I just wanted to get sewing.

worker bee

worker bee

Block #2 was also put together in an improv way but this time I wasn’t trying to keep any white borders consistent. So it really was much easier. But I think that it works well with the other block.

worker bee

worker bee

The fun thing about a bee when you are given freedom like this is that you get to see how everyone interprets the same theme. So far we’re all pretty different. But everything blends so nicely!

worker bee

Then for Ravishing in Red, Amy sent us precut fabric and a specific pattern to follow…so we’re all making the same block. But I think that this block is one of my new favorites! I love how you get an on point diamond.

worker bee

In typical me fashion, I still managed to use my seam ripper entirely more than necessary. I should know by now not to work on two blocks at once. In theory that should be just fine, but my brain couldn’t handle it lately. LOL.

worker bee

Then I went to work on Lynne’s block for Busy Bees. She’s made a plethora of hand sewn hexagon blocks and asked us all to make a block to go with those. But we could do whatever we wanted as long as the final block was a large hexagon.

Again, inspired by some other blocks that I have seen on flickr that I knew Lynne loved, I set to work drafting my pattern. It took me a while to figure out how draw a hexagon. I feel like I should know that with my math background, but at least once I looked it up I understood. LOL. So it took one night to draft up the pattern and I was finally pleased with it. Then I began to put it together. I knew it would be paper pieced, but I didn’t realize that I would end up with partial seams. At least that is the only way that I could make it.

But here is the result..and it’s definitely worth the trouble. 😉

worker bee

I’m trying to figure out if there is an easier way to piece it so I can share, but I can’t tell yet. LOL. Oh and if there are any math geeks out there like me, you might enjoy that this block is fractals! I didn’t even realize when I was drafting it, but when I started making it I realized that I had created a fractal! Don’t make fun of me for how happy that makes me. Because it seriously does make me happy to design and create fractals. Yup. I love math. It’s okay…you can still love me.

I only made one, but here’s another shot of the block.

worker bee

And I’ve also been working on my pillow for the pillow talk swap. I have the center completed. Tell me what you think. 😉

worker bee

Still debating what to do with the rest. Too many ideas! Agh. Give me suggestions people so I don’t have to make up my own mind. LOL.

And now I need to get to work on that mug rug. You know…the really easy one with alice. (how do you roll your eyes online?)

19 thoughts on “worker bee”

  1. These are all totally awesome! I love that hexagon block, and I'm excited to see what you do with the pillow! I think you should either stick with solids, or stick with the aqua colors in your prints and one neutral for the rest. Super cool!

  2. It's mine, mine, mine all mine – fractals (what are they?), fab fabrics, fab hexes, fab fab fab fab fab block and yes, I really really really love it and you are a genius in maths terms, in piecing terms and in making a block I would love terms! XXX

  3. i must go google fractals. Sounds like something that would have given me hives in high school.

    Love all the blocks. Are those pleats? love it. Might have to try it. So inspiring.

  4. Fancy pants all over the place! As for the pillow, though I would usually say to add lots of color to the border, I somehow am seeing lots of white and maybe a little yellow. Weird, but true. This pillow seems all about the totally kick a## pleats so I would shy away from doing anything that took away from that. Just my opinion! I'm sure what ever you do will be fab…..and fancy. How I wish you and I would partnered on something for once. I want an Angela creation! I guess I'll have to wait for our bee to start!

  5. I love, love, love that hexagon block and am so curious how you made it all work. I also love your pleats on block for the pillow. It looks really classy. I think you should stick with solids for a couple simple borders to make the design really stand out.

  6. if you decide to make a tutorial for the hex block sign me up! it's gorgeous, and i rather like paper piecing. my blocks are so lovely, and you're the only one so far who managed to follow the color placement picture example and alternate the red/cream & red triangles!!

  7. I just came over from Lynn's blog. LOVE the block!

    How did you put it together? When I saw it I thought you had drawn the pattern on cardstock, cut it out and english paper pieced it. I think that would be the easiest way to do it. You could save the template in the computer and just print one out when you needed it. I have a feeling you just started a new hexagon trend. 🙂

    Oh, LOVE your Alice mug rug too. And your lego blocks — Lynn was right, your blog is one to keep an eye on!

  8. I am in love with your hexagon block! I am awed by how wonderful it turned out. That said would you share your pattern? I am a crazy quilter and I can see that block embellished with lots of stitching and beading!

  9. HI Angela…I am not sure what you call your hexagon block…but I love it…if you ever would like to do a tut on that for us at we would love to have you..we have a nice warm audience who would just love you to bits…
    let me know if ever you would like to show us how to do this too x

  10. Samantha Fillerup

    Hi there!
    I have been trying to figure out how to make that hexagon block. Do you sell the pattern?

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