Working hard for my money….so hard for my money! Oh wait…just spending money!

I’ve had a few more beautiful fabrics come my way. It’s so hard to pass up a good deal and a fabric that unexpectantly comes back on the market. I found some of Heather Ross’ Mendicino prints that I needed to have. Just a bit, but it makes me happy. And there’s a few lines out there that are seriously calling my name. I’ve recently decided that I’m in love with Joel Dewberry’s newest line and then there is Riley Blake’s rainy days and mondays, Heather Ross has a new line coming out soon, I keep buying more Katie Jump Rope for a new quilt swap month soon…oh it goes on and on. I LOVE fabric!

But other than purchasing fabric, I really have been doing some work on my many quilts and quilt swaps. I completed the blocks for our pretty in pink bee. These were actually for May. Rick sent them out super early…but as soon as I get one of those packages in the mail, I like to start working on them. Plus he had picked a fractured nine patch as the pattern which I had just done for the Bee Liberated bee. Unfortunately that was my down fall. I made the blocks correctly in terms of sewing, but he had wanted a cross with the fabrics and I laid them out in a typical nine patch pattern. Doh! Didn’t read the directions that well because I already knew how to make the block. I still think that they turned out cute, but I’m sorry I didn’t do it the way he asked.

I love the little skeletons the best! And Rick dyed his own fabrics pink…very cool! And I swirled the seams again…a tutorial on how I make my nine patches is coming up soon!

I’ve also been hard at work on my paint box quilt. I have forty of the eighty blocks completely done…and I’m pretty close to having the other forty done. They are so pretty! I can’t wait to start laying these out.

Paint Box Quilt Blocks

Paint Box Quilt - 40 blocks!

Paint Box Quilt Blocks

I still need to figure out what fabric I want to use for the binding. I think that I won’t be able to tell until I lay out all the blocks in a pleasing way and seeing which colors really pop.

I also recently bought these little baby shoes from weepereas. She posted them on Flickr and I bought them on Etsy. I couldn’t resist the cute umbrellas and my little girl looks too cute in them! I think that she posted the pics on her website…I need to go check it out.

Shoes made by weepereas

Caitlyn In the Shoes made by Weepereas

I’m working on Tacha’s block for Bee Modern. She wants flying geese and sent us a delicious selection of pink and grey fabrics. I’ve actually never made them before, so it’s been fun. I can’t wait to post of what I’m making for her!

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