Working hard to get ready for upcoming bees!

I’ve been working hard to get ready for my Pretty in Pink bee and the Ravishing in Red bee. August is my month for pretty in pink and September is my month for Ravishing in Red. I’m going out of town next week and I needed to get the Pretty in Pink fabric out for sure. Of course I had to figure out if I had enough fabric, cut it up and then try out my chosen block and make sure that it all works! Sounds simple but it takes work.

This is what my group is doing for me!




and another block:


Two pretty quarter log cabin blocks all in pink fabrics. There are a number of older Amy Butler prints that I’m so happy to finally be using!



There are a few other fabrics in the mix, so it should be fun to see what everyone does. I’m going to make this for a quilt for a little special someone, but I can’t say here in case someone I know IRL tells her. 😉 It’s a Christmas gift though….a number of the quilts that I’m making this year will be Christmas gifts this year.

I have a layout picked out right now, but it could easily change when I get all the blocks together and lay them out. No promises yet.

I also had to get my fabric ready for Ravishing in Red because one of the members is taking a lovely long vacation and I’m trying to get it to her before she goes so that I can get the block back in time because it is also for a Christmas gift. So again, I needed to figure out what I wanted to do, how much fabric I needed and get her fabric ready. It didn’t really make sense to me to just get hers ready, so I went ahead and prepared all of the packages.

It turns out that I needed to break into my beautiful kona solids fat quarter pack already because I needed one of the blues for her package. And how did I know that? Why I used my beautiful new Kona solids card to match one of my fabrics and found what I needed…and low and behold it was one of the blues in that pack! It was hard to pull that fat quarter out, but I’m buying more for everyone else in the bee anyway and I’ll replace it and make it look untouched again! LOL.

So lots of mailing, cutting up of fabric, writing out instructions, putting together packages…and just a little sewing.

And I did mention that I’ve started my next little giveaway quilt. I haven’t forgotten about it. I just had to put it on hold while I got all my packages together. But here’s what I’ve done so far!

First I decided on the background color…I looked at my scraps and thought about my applique and the colors of it and decided that I needed to use yellow! So out came the yellow scrap box and I had another lovely session of playing with scraps and laying them out!



That was all at 1:00 am and the next afternoon I did the free motion stitching in white around all the edges of the pieces. It’s just a fun and free technique and goes very quickly!




All ready for an applique….but what will it be?! I know….do you? 😉

Oh and on a serious note, I wanted to apologize to Crystal whose blocks I made for pretty in pink for July.


I think that I came across as too unhappy about working on them and really the blocks are lovely. I do appreciate a simple block and I think that her quilt will be lovely. I was just in a crappy mood and unfortunately she caught the brunt of that. So I’m sorry for that. I can’t wait to see what the whole quilt looks like! I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t enjoy all the opportunities that I have to work with other people. Every quilt is precious to its owner and I would never want someone to feel as though I wasn’t proud to be part of making a quilt that is precious to them!

8 thoughts on “Working hard to get ready for upcoming bees!”

  1. So many cliff hangers in this post…lol…curious to see what choices you made for your block in Ravishing in Red, and also curious to see what applique you do for your mini quilt!

  2. Angela you are so sweet! We all get in those moods where we are crabby and things come out. No hard feelings. I got your package the other day and the blocks look even better in person. Thank you for the little gift you included with it as well.

    I really like your block that you have chosen for the bee and I am excited to work on it.

    I also apologize for sounding harsh in my comment as well…human nature to feel threatened! But I do want to let you know that I have no hard feelings and all is forgotten 😀 I do feel very honored to be in this bee with such a talented person like you!

  3. The blocks are pink but they aren't "in your face" PINK!!!! if you know what I mean. Read your post about organizing your ribbon this morning. It looks like you were heavy on green and orange at the time. I hope favorite baby has lots of hair bows by now. She sure did have a lot of hair at 6 mo. old! N

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