Yummy New Fabrics!

Well I’m starting a new quilt that is a hush hush project because it’s a gift. So I won’t be able to show much more than sneak peaks until it’s handed over. But I think that it’s going to turn out well! In the meantime, let me delight your eyes with the fabulous package of fabrics that I recieved lately. I got these at unbelievable prices and I couldn’t resist. I actually only need one of these fabrics for my current project! But with Katie Jump Rope , Chocolate Lollipop (which started my love affair with modern fabric designers) and some Joel Dewberry you seriously cannot go wrong. There’s a couple of other fabulous designers in there too. So here’s what made me smile this week…enjoy the eye candy!

Yummy New Fabric

Sneak peaks of my latest quilt to come soon! I just need to get the babe to nap long enough for me to get some sewing done!

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