A Zig and A Zag – Completing the Quilt!

a Zig and a ZagThis post is part of an ongoing series of posts for A Zig and A Zag Quilt Along I’m hosting here on my blog. You can join in at any time! You will find the links to all previous steps above my header.

Well, this is it folks! I’ve had this quilt completed for a while now, but it’s surprising how long it can take to share things sometimes on the blog. I know that none of you were waiting on these directions…really there aren’t very many directions at all! But it’s always fun to see a finished product.


If you remember, the last steps of the quilt along ended with a fully basted quilt, ready to be taken to the sewing machine and quilted! Well, I did share briefly that I chose to use a free motion large pebble quilting on this quilt and this particular quilt took 15 bobbins to complete! I just kept winding them in bunches and using up any thread that looked remotely similar to what I started with! lol


I guestimate that it took me about 8 hours of quilting time to do this whole quilt using this method. Roughly a half hour of constant movement per bobbin. Let me tell you, it gets a little hard on your eyes! Especially when you do all of that quilting in 2 days.


I love how the back has the same brightness as the front but is calmer in a way because it is block pieced. I was happy to use up all the rest of those fabrics and give them a happy home with this quilt. I’m definitely going to continue to use fabulous fabrics for the backings…it’s not a forgotten side of the quilt!


I couldn’t resist using a rainbow fabric for the binding. It was just too perfect. This is one of the many fabulous fabrics of this type by Ann Kelle. Now of course I should know exactly how many strips of binding I cut for you all…but I’ve already sent the quilt away and didn’t write it down. I do believe that it was (8) 2.5″ wide strips of fabric for the binding. But if you have 3/4 a yard of something you should be good!


I’m finding it a little emotional to share the finished quilt with you all. I’m just so happy that it worked! lol. Intellectually I knew that it would…all the math was correct, the colors were there, I had the ability to make it… But actually seeing the finished product is something entirely different. My proof to myself, if you will.


From a design idea floating in my head last year, to a finished quilt already gifted to another special person…my zig zag quilt is complete! I do hope that this inspires you all to give this a try. (It’s easy to make a smaller version for a little boy’s baby quilt. wink. wink.) Come see the progress of quilts you all are making over at my flickr group, Cut To Pieces.


19 thoughts on “A Zig and A Zag – Completing the Quilt!”

  1. it's really beautiful! and i agree with the back of the quilt thing as far as tension goes. i just finished some pebbling on a quilt (but i'm doing a mix of pebbling and straight line, so i still have the straight line part to do), and the front looks really cool, but not so much on the back.

  2. I still love this pattern and it is so nice to see your quilt all finished. The quilting is such a nice choice for the angular quilt and I love the binding. Thanks for inspiring me to think about getting back to my plan for this quilt.

  3. I have a jelly roll of kona solids on pastel rainbow colors and I can't find the perfect project to use them yet, maybe this quilt! I love the fabric choices you made! Great quilt! I will let you know if I attempt this one.

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