Surface Design

I am drawn to creating bold and retro styles that play with

whimsy & color

I love to have multiple layers of design in one piece — something that makes you take a second glance and see even more than you did the first time. Maybe it is my love of fantasy and science fiction, but placing hidden design elements throughout my work brings me so much joy!

My signature style

  • Bold yet "liveable" color
  • Post-modern design
  • Literary inspiration
  • Loose, sketchy hand paired with geometric shapes

I am unabashedly influenced by literature in my design work.

Nature made me a reader before all other things, so there is no escaping the impact of stories on my creations.  I am most definitely a lover of all things numbers (now all that quilt designing makes sense!).  Geometry and smart design will always feature strongly in my work.


Introducing my newest fabric collection:


21 cotton prints • ships May 2022

This line is filled with modern and throwback images to appeal to all generations who remember their favorite girl detective.

Samples of my work

What's next?

Never one to rest on my previous accomplishments, I am always seeking the next design concept and searching for a way to put my unique spin on it.  I have ideas for the next several collections already in mind and at least that many matching projects. No rest for the weary!

Want to collaborate?

Contact me below to reach out. I am always open to working with new partners.

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