Voile and Down – Little Folks Love

Voile and Down - Little Folks Love
It’s fluffy, buttery and delicious….and no I’m not talking about our recent Thanksgiving meal.  I’m talking about my FINISHED voile down comforter.  Life has handed me some lemons lately and I’m slowly working at turning those into something not so sour.  So I’m very proud that I was able to add this project to my finished list.  To say that I’m working at a slower pace than normal would be unbelievably true.  But once again, color and fabric help make the world a bit brighter.
Voile and Down - Little Folks Love
My 3 year old (4 next week!!) daughter calls this the “beautiful quilt” and I’m not about to correct that.  Let’s teach them young about the magic of Anna Maria Horner’s use of color.  With the exception of one print from her Innocent Crush voile line, the rest of these are from her Little Folks voile line.  And they are just bursting with color!
Voile and Down - Little Folks Love
If you missed my post about piecing the top for this, you can catch up on that HERE.  But then I did something a little different than your typical quilt.  And perhaps it has been done dozens of times by others, but I thought of this idea about a year ago and bought a 50″ x 70″ down throw just for this project then.  Essentially my goal was to use the down as the “batting” for this quilt.  The idea evolved to create a duvet of sorts, but attach it permanently to the backing.
Voile and Down - Little Folks Love
The backing is full piece of one of the voile prints, so this is a double sided voile down comforter.  And I ADORE it.  I sewed the top to the back, right sides together, leaving a small opening on one end.  Then I inserted the down comforter as you would for any duvet and permanently sewed the opening closed.  The final step was to hand tack the layers together, which I did using a perle white cotton thread at the joint of each block.
Voile and Down - Little Folks Love
When I was taking pictures of this, I really wanted to capture how light and fluffy this is.  I think seeing it stacked up here gives you a good idea of how airy and soft my new favorite snuggling blanket is.  With the down and voile, it is the perfect combination of warm and cool, light but dense.  And 50″ x 70″ is the perfect size for me as a throw it turns out.  There will be lots of snuggling by the fireplace this chilly winter with it!
Voile and Down - Little Folks Love

And this was another blanket that I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of.  I know I like it a lot when the camera wants more and more photos. 😉  Can you blame it?

Voile and Down - Little Folks Love

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  1. It is so beautiful and you are brilliant to put down inside! I still have a stack of this voile I've been hoarding and definitely want to make something lovely like this too. 🙂

  2. This is just beautiful! I can't stop scrolling through your pictures. Thanks for sharing this beauty! I may need to cut into my AMH voiles now:)

  3. Muy linda la colcha!

    Te dejo un fuerte abrazo esperando que esta Navidad y Año Nuevo estén colmado de bendiciones para ti y tus seres queridos, me voy de vacaciones!!!


    Costa Rica

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