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Washi Tape Holiday Cards

Today is my day on the Stitch|Craft Create Handmade Christmas Decorations Blog Hop.  And I’m right near the end of it…which just means that there is a whole month worth of posts that you can check out from all kinds of lovely bloggers already.

When I was asked to participate, I was able to choose from a number of books I might want to create something from.  And I knew right away when I saw the titles that I wanted to work with Washi Tape Christmas.  I, like many of us, have a bit of a love affair with washi tape.  And I’m always looking for creative ways to use it.  This book was full of fun little projects, but what really caught my eye are the cards.

I painfully made a purchase of an assortment of washi tape (she said with sarcasm…it was exciting to have a pre-determined use for the tape rather than my random impulse purchases).  I bought some great brown craft paper stationary and an assortment of stickers and such to recreate some of the patterns in the book.
This beautiful card was one from the book that immediately caught my eye.  So simple but so effective.  And since I live with a four year old little girl…so ELSA! lol  I set out to make my own interpretation and I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. It’s not an exact duplication, but most definitely in the same tone. I love the sparkles!
washi icicle cards
Prepare yourself for lots of cards…because these were fun and I was getting into it. 😉  
The next design I tackled was the Christmas Tree from Washi Tape.  Again…so simple but really effective. Between the ones in the image below and the actual book cover, I was quite inspired. 
tree cards
And my version…with all kinds of Christmas Washi Tape…
washi tape christmas tree cards
And then maybe my favorite design of the cards in the book.  The presents.  Sigh.  So clever.
present cards
Washi tape AND twine?! I’m there! I just needed a little glue dot to hold that twine in place and I have the cutest cards. 
Present Washi Tape Cards
All of that cuteness was so inspiring that I had to come up with a few of my own designs or versions of things I was seeing elsewhere.  So I’m sharing those cards I made as well. 
I couldn’t resist these reindeer stickers and figured I could make them work.  One quick strip of white/blue washi tape and I had a snowland for my reindeer to play.  A little hand lettering helped fill the card.
reindeer cards
A couple more ideas that you can see below.  
In the bottom left corner of the mosaic you will see a card that is completely covered with tiny bits of washi tape.  These overlapped or didn’t.  I didn’t let myself get too worried about it.  And the end result is super cute and looks like a quilt.  I’ll be honest and say that I think I saw something like this somewhere along the way in the great world out there but I don’t remember when or where…so I can’t reference back to it.  So you just get to enjoy my version. 😉

washi tape Christmas cards2
And in the top left hand corner, you will see more strips of washi tape inspired by the original strip blue design at the beginning of this post.  But this time they are red and green and there is a special strip sticker of christmas lights in there as well.  I thought afterwards that it would have been cute to make it look like half of a Christmas tree and have the lights in the middle…but this is cute too. And well…I wasn’t redoing it. lol
Washi Tape Cards
I really did have so much fun making all of these cards and coming up with some new designs of my own. I’m going to give little bundles of these to a group of friends of mine who are not particularly crafty themselves (so they’ll probably think I’m a genius. Ha!).  It’s a great hostess gift too I think.
Oh and I was so excited to break out my new gorgeous personalized stamp from my new Canadian friend Sam.  Canadians really ARE the nicest people!!  She gave me this stamp as a gift (she owns a great stamp company out of Canada, Pretty in Ink) and she had never even met me! And this is truly the nicest stamp I’ve ever owned.  
Hand Stamped
There were other great ideas in the book as well…here’s one more picture of an idea that I loved but was too lazy to stage early enough for this post. 😉  Though I might seriously do this at Christmas!
Such pretty place settings.  
place setting

So much cuteness happening over at Stitch|Craft Create!  I hope you guys check it out.  I feel like I could get lost for days in the projects there.  Good for relaxing after a big Thanksgiving Day or Shopping Spree. 😉

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