New Home

At Home

Life is busy, complicated, wonderful, and exhausting. Have I mentioned we moved this week?  And that we are (still!) redoing the ENTIRE house? No. The countertops for the kitchen are not in yet…so we don’t have a functioning kitchen. No. The roof has not been touched and needs to be entirely replaced. No. I haven’t […]

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A glimpse at home

A glimpse at home

We’re getting closer. Our official move date is a week from tomorrow! There is still a ton that needs to be done at the new house and packing up here…but help will be kicking in from here on out from friends and family and we should be able to get it all done. The house

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Crazy moving

Well, I’m here in South Bend, IN.  We keep trying to remind ourselves that we are actually living here now and not just visiting.  But since we’ve only been here for about 24 hours, I think we have time to get adjusted. 😉  You all will be proud of me.  One of the very first

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