A baby book and a block – check – complete

Isn’t it lovely when you get things accomplished that have been on your too do list for far too long? That’s what I was able to do this weekend. They are little things, but I actually had a bit of a life this weekend and went to a lovely dinner, dance fundraiser. We got all dressed up and everything! LOL.

But back to sewing! I’ve been wanting to make a fabric book for my little girl for a long time. You might recall that I purchased a panel set to do just that…she needs some “quiet” toys! And when I saw the Little Golden books panel, I knew that it was just the place to start.

Little Golden Books Book panel - pages

The pattern is for a book called the Saggy Baggy Elephant. It’s not one that I’m particularly familiar with though my husband and I can kind of deduce what is going on from the pictures. But someday I’ll have to read the book so I can tell the real story! LOL.

The Saggy Baggy Elephant - A fabric book by Little Golden Books

I added the little loops of ribbon, but I’ll admit that I didn’t add enough. I wasn’t quite sure how the pattern was going to come together, but I get it now. Anyway, I’m glad that I added the ribbon because that’s what Caitlyn went straight for!

And now, because I know you all want to know the story and see the cute pictures, I will make you all look at every page in this little book! Haha!

look there is even a place to write her name! Too cute!

inside front cover and first page

I think that he's saggy and baggy!

took a tumble and found a new friend

uh oh…looks like trouble is on the way!

uh oh...look who's coming!

smart elephant!

escaping the scary alligator

much rejoicing!

celebrating elephants

I love the little golden book fabric…that’s actually sold by the yard for anyone who’s interested.

inside back cover and last page

and the end.

The back cover

Now wasn’t that sweet? Now that I have that one made, I have plans for more. I always have plans for more. 😉 Let’s see how it all pans out!

I also was inspired by receiving possibly my last block for my Busy Bees Katie Jump rope quilt to finish my own block for myself. The theme was triangles and ironically my block looks the most square of all of them…but it is made of lots of triangles. I promise!

Busy Bees - My block for myself

I used lots of tiny scraps (didn’t want to waste any of that fabric!) and put this one together from lots of half square triangles. Then I mitered the corners of the outside border for more angles and used an inner border with lots of diamonds and triangles in it.

I caught a picture of the block in the light and you can see the triangles better in it!

Busy Bees - My block for myself in the light

Oh and I just found out that I won a little fabric giveaway from Jenny at cut.iron.sew.repeat (I’ve always loved her blog name!). I won two “candy bars” of fabric. I don’t have either of these lines, so I’m very excited to see them!

So what do we think about another giveaway over here? Hmm…. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while because of my other giveaway. But I’m excited to be able to give away a copy of Cherri House’s new book “City Quilts” compliments of Cherri! Stay tuned for more details!

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  1. thanks everyone! I really hope to be able to do a tutorial on how to make one of these from scratch. We all have great fabrics that would be perfect for focus fabrics for kids in some way! I have an idea brewing…

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