A celebration and a giveaway!!!

*the giveaway is now closed*

Well, today is truly a special day in our house. Today is my beautiful Caitlyn’s 1st Birthday! That’s right…she’s now one! She’s standing up on her own for little bits at a time (looking totally adorable trying to gain her balance). She loves music and loves to dance. She can wave hello and goodbye (but I’m working on getting her to blow kisses) and her most consistent words are “kitty cat” and “chester” (one of her toys). She is our miracle and her 1st birthday marks a very special occasion for us!

A celebration and a giveaway

So in honor of that, I’m having a giveaway. And I hope you are as excited about it as I am! I am giving away a fat quarter bundle of Kona solids!! I have two choices for you to pick from. I was just going to go with the pink because of the whole little girl theme, but I decided that not everyone might be all that into pink…so there is a red option as well. So, you can win either…

The Pretty in Pink Kona Fat Quarter Bundle:

A celebration and a giveaway


A celebration and a giveaway

Or, if you prefer, The Hot Spice Kona Fat Quarter Bundle:

A celebration and a giveaway

It’s saucy!

A celebration and a giveaway

Each delicious bundle contains 21 fat quarters of coordinating solids! They are so pretty you won’t want to take them apart! LOL.

So how do you win?
1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to celebrate a birthday! Your’s or a child’s. I need ideas! LOL.

2. Become a follower or state that you are a follower of my blog.

3. Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about this giveaway and leave a comment letting me know. Heck, you can have a separate entry for each! That’s 3 possible entries right there!

4. If you have done all of that, you can have a separate entry by wishing my baby a Happy Birthday. Be creative!

Please be sure that there is a way to contact you! Email is preferable. Any contestants without contact information will be automatically disqualified. (I’ve got to be able to tell you that you won this fabulous item!) Also, please say which bundle you would prefer!

One last picture to entice you…!

A celebration and a giveaway

Although her birthday is today, I’m going to keep the giveaway open until the end of Monday as things often slow down over the weekend. Good luck!

495 thoughts on “A celebration and a giveaway!!!”

  1. How exciting for Caitlyn. Happy First Birthday. For first birthdays we have a little tradition. I make a separate cake just for the big one year old. Strip um down, lay some plastic underneath their highchair, and let them at it. I have so many wonderful cake faced pictures πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Birthday to Caitlyn!!! A girl that sleeps to the sound of a sewing machine humming along!! May your naps continue to be as long in your second year of life as your first πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, girl! Happy Birthday to the little darlin'! I wasn't sure what day it was, now I know. Dec 10, a fabulous day her to be born and to make you the happiest mummy in the world! And happy day to you, too!

    I love both bundles but I lean more towards the reds, I guess. Thanks for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  4. Shoot- forgot to say- best way to celebrate? Dinner, presents, day at a beach! Doesn't happen often, but occasionally.

    And I'm a follower, already.

  5. Happy birthday to Caitlyn! One of our favorite traditions to do with our kids is we blow up balloons and cover the living room floor with them so when the kids wake up and go downstairs the morning of their birthday, they know it's a special day!
    (Although balloons around one-year-olds isn't the safest way to celebrate a birthday.)

  6. Happy birthday to your sweet little girl! First birthdays are so special!!
    When my daughter turned 1 we got a cake for her to dig into; she was completely covered in cream afterward and we got some great photos. My daughter is now 12, but I think she would still like to dig in a cake; we might have to do that next birthday.
    I love the fabric you're giving away, especially the hot spice bundle!
    Thank you for the chance to win! I will have a little giveaway on Monday, when it's Giveaway Day.

  7. For my nephew's first birthday, we baked him his own little chocolate cake so he could stick his hands into it and eat it however he wanted. He got more in his hair than his mouth, of course!

  8. What a cutie! 2 celebrations, one for her, big sensory affair with cake, balloons, playdough, shredded paper & big boxes to play with! 2nd party needs a babysitter so you can go out for dinner
    Chris x

  9. In my family the person with the birthday picks the meal, any meal which the birthday person eats off of a "You're Special" plate. There's also cake and icecream!

  10. Congratulations to you and your baby as well! I love celebrating the kids' birthdays. We love to have parties at home with their friends and lots of creative games and activities. And I love the pink stack (as a mommy of two girls).

  11. I love celebrating mine and/or my husband's birthday with a trip to a little bit nicer restaurant for dinner (one we don't normally go to). It's always fun to get out and have good food!!

  12. Happy Birthday, Caitlyn!! My son is 15 months old, so we also did the cake thing for him. I do photography on the side, so we set him in the photo studio on a big white disposable sheet… & I went snap happy. We just love the photos of him "wearing" chocolate cake & blue icing. Oh, this makes a mess so be sure the birthday child is wearing nothing other than a diaper! The classic one-year-old-eating-cake photos will be keepers.

  13. Happy Birthday Miss Caitlyn!! My daughter is 15 months old and it's a great time! Enjoy learning to walk, talk, and just enjoy life and your toys, etc. Every day brings new and exciting adventures….enjoy!!!

  14. The first birthday is the best!! One really cool thing I did on my son's first birthday was have all the guests write something special to him on a piece of paper and then I put them in a coffee can (decorated all pretty of course) and created a time capsule out of it. When he turned 21 last year, we opened it and let him read them. It was really special because there were 2 people, his Grandma, and his Aunt, no longer with us, that left him messages.

  15. As a photographer, I do 1st birthday sessions with little ones smashing a cake all over–messy but a fun image to have forever. Personally, I like to go out to eat on my birthday–no clean up and someone else cooks!

  16. Happy Birthday! She is such a sweetie!! On birthdays I would just go with whatever the birthday girl likes best! Which might not be a party but to go somewhere special (like the zoo or something?) When mine were young, having lots of friends to play and getting lots of presents was always a winner. No pressure on anything as with all the mum's coming to it was like a big tea party with many helping hands. I think when they get a bit older and want a theme to the party it gets a bit trickier. For the first one, just enjoy and enjoy it when she has a happy day with her favourite things to do (whatever they are!)

  17. Happy Birthday to Caitlyn! (I love her name!)
    It's a long time since we celebrated any first birthdays in our house but all birthdays should involve large quantities of jelly,icecream and FUN!!

  18. Happy birthday, Caitlyn!!! I hope to one day have a daughter as cute and beautiful as you are. Enjoy your first birthday, because you'll never get it back πŸ˜‰

  19. I like to start my daughter's birthday with chocolate chip pancakes and lunch at subway (her favorite). If there is a kid's movie playing, we go see it.

    Hope your daughter has a special day!

  20. My favorite day to celebrate is to take the day off from work (by myself) and just pamper myself in whatever I feel like doing.. maybe suntanning a bit, swimming, reading, sewing & quilting, napping… just me time! πŸ˜€

  21. What a generous give away – who canΒ΄t refuse a pink colourrange – so adorable…

    We love to decorate the birthday kidΒ΄s sitting place at the table – candle, maybe a flower, some garlands around the room, some confetti, ballons – to make the room funny and colourful!

  22. My daughter always picks a theme and then I google it and find whatever I can for games, decorations, etc for her party. Thanks for the chance to win! Love the pretty in pink!

  23. You're a hot spicy bundle πŸ˜‰

    My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is getting a huge, rowdy crowd of family and friends together at someone's house…and then we eat, watch movies, open presents, and have a ginormous cake. I looooove big family birthdays.

  24. i always celebrate with some sort of food related event — nothing makes me happier than spending the day cooking with friends and family! and in honor of that, if i were to win, i'd have to take the SPICY pack πŸ˜‰

  25. Oh, and before I wish the precious darling a happy birthday, I'd like to say that I prefer the pink bundle.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAITLYN!!! I hope you have the best first birthday ever and that your parents let you roll around in as many puddles of Cherry Coke as you want πŸ˜‰

    I'm also giving you a virtual hair bow. I know it could also pass as a Tie Fighter from Star Wars or some farfalle pasta, but it's a hair ribbon.

    | /|
    | ___/ |
    | ___ |
    | / |
    |/ |

  26. What a sweetheart! Happy Birthday! Our friends have a great idea for birthdays that I am going to start copying- the night before the birthday, after the child is in bed, Dad hangs photos all over the house of the birthday child from all of that year's fun things that went on. He does 8×10's and hangs them everywhere. It is such a great idea and such a fun way to herald in a new age by celebrating that one they are leaving.

  27. Happy Birthday Caitlyn!! The first birthday is so fun; mine just turned one last May. We had a big outside at the park party for her, but I guess that's kind of hard in December πŸ™‚
    I would love the pink bundle, it's so pretty!!

  28. My favorite way to celebrate is to have the Motherlode Cake at Claimjumper for dinner! That's it…one ginormous piece of chocolate deliciousness for dinner. It's THAT GOOD! If you're interested, and don't have a Claimjumper restaurant near you, I guess you can now buy this cake at the grocery store in the frozen food section.

  29. Happy 1st Birthday Caitlyn! For my birthday I like to eat carrot cake. My daughter has the best recipe. As far as which fabric – I'll take any. You can never have enough fabric! Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Well, I follow you already. Maybe too much… around Flickr and all..lol My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is to go to Disneyland. Now your Caitlyn is too young for that but maybe in a couple of years when she has a sister or brother.. hahaha and we are close by being in SoCAl and all. Now I think the most meaningful birthdays at this age are just with family. Since you are in the glorious South how about a BBQ with family? I read somewhere that you should invite 1 child per year of your child…as they are little it is kind of a good rule of thumb. However if there are cousins a jumpy is good or a pool..it is expected to be 90 here on Sunday..

    Oh and happy day to that little hot spicy bundle… and I mean Caitlyn…lol

  31. Happy Birthday Caitlyn!!
    Each of us in our family have a special birthday cake, mine is marble cake with milk chocolate butter-cream frosting. I have it every year. My birthday's on the 20th this month, so it would be a great birthday present for me!
    I love the Pretty in Pink bundle!

  32. Happy birthday little one! Balancing is hard, so let momma help you out sometimes! For birthdays we love to get together and we always make whatever food is that favorite of the birthday person, yep that means dirt pudding, broccoli casserole, or just oranges!

  33. My favorite way of celebrating a birthday is to spend time with family. I love food, so it will likely be around a nice dinner, either homemade or out somewhere.

  34. ooh big important day today!
    Happy birthday little girl, I've read so many wonderful things about you. Most of all you make your mummy very happy, her heart nearly bursts every time you smile or when she gets to receive one of your sweet kisses. Grow strong and old dear Caitlyn!

  35. My favorite way of celebrating a birthdat may be a little boring really. But I like celebrating at home with family and friends, lots of cake and sweets for the kids and some wine for the adults – good times!
    Thanks for this generous give away, I would love to win me those pinks πŸ™‚

  36. The best way to celebrate birthday is with tea and cake and lots of it. I like cinnamon and spiced cake, and a spicy stack of Kona would be a great cake

  37. So here I am with little one on lap !!!! She just turned two in November!! Special times aren't they :)!!!We didn't have a real big party just family and a very sweet cake !!!!
    Her favorite part was definatly blowing out the candles over and over and over and over …..and over !!! You get the idea right :)!!!! Well happiest of birthdays to your little one !!!!!

    I would of course stick to the little girl theme and say pinks !!!!

    xoxoxo Terrie


  38. We always decorate the dinning room with balloons and streamers for birthday kid. Then we leave them up for a week or two. And the birthday kid gets to pick their favorite meal for dinner. Caitlyn may be a little young to pick out her favorite dinner, but maybe next year. πŸ™‚

  39. Happy Birthday Caitlyn!!!! Such a big girl!
    I love going out to dinner with friends and family followed with a 2 layer yellow cake with chocolate icing. YUMMY!

  40. Angela, I am so happy for your little family. Children are the very bestest blessing in the whole wide world. Celebrating birthday's at 1 can be a bit tricky. Generally, I made a from scratch carrot cake for my babies and enjoyed watching them devour their first sweet.

  41. I love those pink solids!

    First birthdays at our house are always low key with lots of family and a personalized cake for the birthday boy! He goes to town and gets totally messy, but what a photo op!

    mrsb04jc at yahoo dot com

  42. MY favorite way to celebrate a birthday was for my daughter's first- it just so happened to be the same exact day that one of my best college friends was making her first set of vows as a franciscan nun. So we spent the day at the convent and shared celebratory cake with Sister Gemma and tons of friends and family. It was really special since all the nuns really had a huge love for children. We returned home at about 9 or 10pm and shared a simple little cake for Allie with my MIL and brothers in law. Simple, sweet. πŸ™‚

    Otherwise I love making pineapple upside down cake (with a boxed cake mix) with my daughter, she gets a kick out of laying the rings of pineapple out and adding the cherries. (oh and it's yummy).

  43. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl and congrats to you! I love birthday parties at home with family and friends. For my daughter's birthdays we always do crafts, cook together, etc.. And she and her friends love that.

    Take lots of pictures and don't forget the video camera when she takes a bite of the cake!

    Happy Day,
    Today is my birthday…but I am a bit older than your girl. πŸ™‚

  44. C: cute
    A: adorable
    I: inquisitive
    T: too sweet
    L: lovely
    Y: you are the light of your Mommy's life
    N: now it's time for a sibling! πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday cutie pie!

  45. We had a pirate theme for Roarke's first birthday–it was cute, but the best thing I did was get an overlarge picture matting and had friends and relatives write messages to him then put a picture of him from his party in it and framed it. It still hangs in his room and is such a great memory of his first year.

  46. I love those pinks. My favorite birthday so far was this year, I spent it giving birth to my son Fletch. Now we can celebrate his birthday on every June 14th instead of mine and I figure this way I'm done ageing.

  47. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is with a nice family dinner where the birthday person gets to choose what they want me to make. I have made some interesting combinations in my day for my three girls.

  48. Happy Birthday to Caitlyn! I remember Jenna loved the balloons and seeing all if the smiling faces of those who love her and came to celebrate her big day.

    I think someone's suggestion of getting a babysitter around her birthday to celebrate with your husband was a great idea!

  49. Spending time with people I love and good food is my favorite way to spend a birthday.

    That hot spice fq bundle is YUMMY! πŸ˜‰

    Happy birthday to your little girl!



  50. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday (which is in a few days, eek!) is to go out to dinner with my favorite people. Over the years this has been various friends and my boyfriend. This year, I have to work in the evening, so my celebration will be on another day.

  51. My daughter is six, so this may be an idea that you will have to keep in your back pocket for a while. We had a tea party for her 5th birthday. I painted round cardboard hat boxes pink and white and filled them each with a "real" teacup and saucer (all found at good will) and a pretty little scarf for each girl. Those were used to drink tea and have cake, the girls each decorated the hat boxes by gluing on lace, ribbons, buttons, sequins and a variety of other "fancy" things we (I) have managed to collect…LOL. They played a relay game balancing sugar cubes on spoons and each filling up a sugar bowl. Each girl was invited to bring her favorite doll or stuffed animal and the animals/dolls also had a tea party. It was the best party yet!!!!
    Congrats on her birthday! Congrats on being such a great mommy!

  52. Whee! What a great giveaway and what a lovely celebration of your little miracle's first birthday (ours turns 3 tomorrow!). For a 1-year-old, the best celebration is the simplest one – a few family or friends and a low-sugar/no-egg cake (let me know if you want the recipe we used).

  53. A special tradition we have for birthdays is to decorate the night before each kid's birthday while they are sleeping. We put a sign on their bedroom door, decorate their chair at the kitchen table, and have balloons and streamers all over. they wake up with a big smile on their face!

  54. Happy 1st Birthday Caitlyn! As a Mom of two little girls, I think celebrating their birthdays with a special hat made by their Mom is a nice little tradition I've started. Of course, along with their special birthday cake makes for great photos!!!
    I'd love to win the pink Kona cotton stack….ooh I'm crossing my fingers:)
    Thanks for a great giveaway!!


  55. My favorite way to celebrate birthdays isn't for the kiddos! I always make the birthday boy or girl some tasty jell-o shots! I like to come up with delicious combos of flavored vodkas and rums and different jell-o flavors. I actually am celebrating a friends birthday tomorrow and spent today making for the first time pudding shots! I got the cutest little martini glasses at pier 1 and I pressed a graham cracker crust into each one and filled with "raspberry cheesecake" pudding with pinnacle whipped vodka and raspberry vodka. They will be garnished with fresh raspberries, a little chocolate sauce and mint…. mmmmm….. lets hope they taste as amazing as they sound because it was my first time attempting them.

  56. so exciting! i love the idea of decorating for the birthday the night before after the kid has gone to bed, so when they wake up in the morning… SURPRISE!!

  57. happy birthday caitlyn!!! you probably don't know it yet, but today you can eat as much cake and candy as you want, stay up as late as you are able to. but be careful because mommy and daddy are going to snap a million photos of you in possibly embarrassing situations, like when you have icing smeared all over your face, and then show it to other people! also, ask for a pony and you just might get it!



  59. How exciting!!! Happy Birthday to her! When they're that little we just do a family party with maybe one or two little friends. My girls have both enjoyed eating their cake and having all their aunts and uncles dote on them! That was all they needed πŸ™‚

  60. Happy Birthday Caitlyn! My favourite way to celebrate a birthday is by renting a bouncy castle. One of my nieces has had this for three birthdays … it keeps the kids happy and when they are tired, all the adults get in on the fun too! Thank you for the giveaway!

  61. My favourite way to celebrate B-day is quite simple: small party with close friends and family. I could not imagine B-day (my daughter's, my husband's or mine) without such party! It's always organized at our home with some homemade food and decorations (each year something different). Sometimes we invite guest to dress something unusual:)

  62. Take a picture with a special oject of place that you can recreate every year to document how she grows and changes. My December birthday baby was photographed every year with a with a large stocking and a little red hat. In the first pictures he was inside the stocking…later years he has his foot in it.

  63. A December Birthday, how fun! When I was a kid my mother used to make these beautiful gingerbread houses and (after taking pictures of course!) let my friends and I at it with a wooden mallet. Caitlyn might be too young for that now, but I loved it as a kid and it was really special because everyone gets cake for their birthday, not everyone gets a gingerbread house!

  64. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday back when I was in college was to wear this little button that said "Today is my birthday; I can do whatever I want". The print was small, so people had to get close to read it. What fun conversations I had!

  65. Best way to celebrate is a party with CAKE- lots of CAKE. Got to get the shot of the kiddo with her face buried in it. My girls loved it and love looking at the pictures now.

  66. How fun! That first birthday is so great – remember to have someone take a picture of the birthday girl w/ you and her daddy! Do that every year – its nice for a birthday memories!

  67. Happy birthday day to your daughter!
    For birthday's, we always have a theme.
    My daughter totally is in to robots. So every year since her first birthday has been a robot theme. They vary though. The 3rd birthday was a Pink Robot Party. This last one was a Blue Princess Robot party. My son is turning two in a few weeks and he's having a dinosaur party. Even though I wanted him to have a cowboy party-Really, it's down to what I want to make for party favors!

    Have a fun party!

    I'd love the pink bundle.

  68. Happy Birthday to such a sweet little girl. Celebrate birthdays with family and cake. Take lots of picture, they grow up so fast. My kids are 35 33 and 31, but now I am a grandma of 4 with one more on the way.

  69. Take her to the Z O O, and call it the Z O O. Do not say the word but spell it.
    I did this with my nieces and nephews and it became the first word they spelled.

    Happy Birthday Caitlin…..may you know how much you are loved every day of your life!!!

    Just call me

  70. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little Caitlyn!
    Kid birthday parties are always the most fun. The themed decorations and cake are so cute (I like general themes like fairies or robots rather than commercial characters).
    The best part is just spending time with family, taking photos and having fun. Just enjoy yourself – she won't remember this birthday, but you always will πŸ™‚

  71. Happy first birthday to that doll baby of yours! Enjoy every day because before you know it they are grown and gone. For future reference we did a tie tye shirt party, a Mardi Gra mask party. But always a favorite that I did at every party was cover tables with big wide white bulletin board paper and supply tons of markers and the next morning I even found them in the driveway with the big buckets of side walk chalk and they were still in their pajamas. Lots of fun for future parties. Oh how I would love to win!!!

  72. Wow! One year! That's a biggie!

    For me birthdays are all about spending time with my friends and family. I don't really care what the activity is, as long as I get quality time with the people who are important to me.

    (And I'd LOVE the red set, if I'm lucky enough to win.)

  73. Wow, congratulations on Caitlin's first year! My favourite way to celebrate is pretty traditional: family, friends, cake, balloons and lots of photos. quiltingbarbie30(at)yahoo(dot)com

  74. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Caitlin. Happy Birthday to you!

    And congratulations to your mommy and daddy too.

  75. I prefer just small gatherings for birthdays–mostly just families. I'm not into the big, overwhelming parties. I also prefer cheesecake or some other fantastic dessert over cake. I am not a cake fan. Congrats on her happy little birthday.

  76. We usually just have dinner but I would love to have a girls day and do silly things like go to build a bear, get a mani/pedi, eat lunch down town, and go to a movie.

  77. Being a December baby is not fair! (I'm one.) My mom forgot to bake me a cake on my fifteenth birthday because she was so caught up in putting up the tree. I think it was after that when my hopes for a fresh baked angel food cake all to myself for all my birthdays to come kind of faded….so the answer to your question, and for a try in the giveaway, it would be cool to give the girl her own cake every year, and put down the ornaments to sing "Happy Birthday".

    Now I just accept cards and the occasional greenback to buy someone else a Christmas present (I told you it wasn't fair!).

  78. First birthdays are such a treat! I also go with the cupcake approach so the little one can dive in and make a mess! Once the kids get older, I like to tell them the magical story of their birth. Even though, of course, not all of it was magical (you always got the medical or ooopsie aspects)….there is something special about telling the birthday child about some of the little things that made that day special: like it was raining so hard, or the birds were singing as we got in the car to go to the hospital, or the moon was rising just as you were born….things that a kid can relate to (instead of just hearing an objective "this is what happened to me" or worse, "it was the most painful day of my life". yikes! No kid needs to hear that!)
    Ok, well that felt a bit like a soapbox. Sorry. Have a wonderful day celebrating with your little girl. Remember–it is your "mamaversary" too.

  79. ANGELA!!!! Happy "Birth Day" to YOU too!!!! We weren't pregnant at the same time!! : D My baby had her birthday last month!! I hope YOU have some cake to celebrate this beautiful year of motherhood!

    Is it possible to pick between them??? You'd have to choose for me!!!

  80. The kids favorite way to celebrate is to have a party. I always have the parties at our house, with a small group of friends. (I read somewhere that the number of guests you invite should be similar to the birthday child's age. It works out fairly well).

  81. ..Sorry, I hit the Post button too early. I meant to say that the last party I threw was a princess party for my 4-year-old. We had heaps of fun. The kids made treasure boxes (lots of glitter, glue and ribbons), princess hats (conical party hats with streamers added) and hair accessories (self-cover buttons and hat elastic).

  82. Caitlin, Congratulations on your first birthday! It won't mean much to you on the day. You'll probably wonder why everyone is making such a fuss. Just sit back and enjoy all of the attention. It won't be long before you know what it is all about and you are counting down until your next birthday. I wish you a birthday that is tantrum-free with lots of wonderful people around you.

  83. Ways to celebrate? Well, in our house the birthday kid gets to pick their favorite meal on the big day. And this year, both of my kids asked for another dessert in lieu of the traditional cake. A special outing is fun too, and of course the occasional birthday bash with all the little friends.

    Not terribly exciting ideas, I guess. For us, a good birthday celebration is really pretty simple: time spent together as a family, and reminding the birthday girl or boy how much we love them. πŸ™‚

  84. Happy first birthday, Caitlyn!! Oh how I miss those baby days with my own kids! Thanks so much for the giveaway chance! I'd love the bundle of reds. πŸ™‚

  85. I follow you.
    Love your fabric.

    especially: The Hot Spice Kona Fat Quarter Bundle


    Use a video camera for all the guests to record a special message for the birthday girl. Then you can look back on it for years to come. πŸ™‚

  86. I am so excited for you! I regularly stalk your blog and my little miracle has her first birthday on Monday, although my due date was the 10th. We are so grateful to have her in our lives and I am loving being a mom and from your blog, I think you know what I mean…

    I loved your over the rainbow quilt and the story attached to it. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful first birthday party planned (will you share what you are doing? I have no idea how to celebrate with a 1 year old!

  87. When they were young we did scavenger hunts, when they couldn't read I used pictures on bags. When the b-day was in non snow months I did it as a nature hunt. In the winter months I had them hunt in the house. It was a fav activity even when it was not a birthday. Happy birthday Caitlyn. nanasew at gmail dot com

  88. Happy Birthday Caitlin from the mommy of another Caitlin who is now 21!! May you bring as much joy to your mom as I have had with my dear daughter.

  89. Happy First birthday Caitlyn- May your life be rich with wonderful adventures and may always find yourself surrounded by the love and laughter of family and friends. With warmest wishes,
    A Canadian quilter

  90. Angela,
    I have become a follower of your blog. I think the giveaway prize is glorious – the hot spice solids are so rich in color.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful prize.

  91. Birthdays are indeed special and for many years we have had ice cream cake and dinner out to a favorite restaurant. With a little one's birthday, it is more complicated. It used to involve us going to a place like Chucky Cheeses or other such places. Our son's birthday is next week on the 16th and so it was always a challenge to find a day to celebrate with Christmas so close. He will be 23 this week and lives with his girlfriend. We will take him out to dinner and have ice cream cake. Some traditions are worth keeping.
    A very happy birthday to your beautiful daughter.

  92. Happy Birthday, sweet Caitlin!

    I used a variety of meaningful fabrics to make a Happy Birthday bunting for the family. One flag is made from the sheet that was on Beanie's crib when she came home. One is from fabric my mom used to make me a dress. One is from a project I made for my sweet girls…. etc! Anyway, the whole family knows that someone's birthday WEEK is here because the banner goes up. (Yes! A week! Who needs just a day to celebrate?)

  93. oh boy oh boy! What a great giveaway. I'm a follower. Hm.. My son is now 30 and I don't ask for presents any more. I want to spend a day with him. We find a city, and walk around, visiting the shops, finding great places to eat, and we usually visit an art museum or gallery or two. We just talk about anything and everything. We have a great day. But that won't go over so big with your little one. I think I'd do something fun together, bake something, spend some time coloring, just having fun!

  94. And now, in celebration of Caitlin's first birthday, here is a poem for her:

    Howdy do, sweet honey bun?!
    Now lookie at you — turning one!
    Apple of your mama's eye,
    Holder of your daddy's heart,
    They call you joy, blessing, and sweetie pie!

    Hmmm… a bit schmaltzy and the meter needs work… I guess I improvise in poetry just like in quilting. πŸ™‚

  95. Pink, pink, pinkiedy pink … beautiful set of fabrics πŸ™‚ … oh by the way, I tweeted on twitter a happy birthday wish to Caitlin πŸ™‚ Thank you!!

  96. For each of my daughters' birthdays to date … they are four and six … I have printed a collage of one picture a month from my collection of photos taken throughout the year. I now have six years' worth of month-by-month pictures for my oldest and four years' worth for my youngest. It takes a bit of time, but truly worth it and family and friends enjoy seeing them grow through the photos every year. Not really a celebration, but really worthwhile. Thanks, Angela, for this awesome opportunity!!

  97. I love having a special dinner with my family on my birthday. They really mean so much and I make sure to take lots of pictures so I can scrapbook from year to year.

  98. Oh Twee, She's a miniMe version of you! Congratulations! and Happy Birthday lil Girl! How about a visit to the Zoo in celebration?, that has always been a hot fav in our family.

  99. forgot to mention, the Hot Spice solids would make me very happy! My absolute fav birthday tradition is that my parents give me a birthday card every year with photos of me/ us from that year. Going through all the cards is such a lovely way to celebrate!

  100. I will try my luck πŸ™‚
    I don't have a baby yet so I can't tell ho I would celebrate baby's birthday, but for me a beer with friends is enough. I don't like huge gatherings and parties.
    Best regards

  101. I always make a pinata to celebrate the birthdays in our house–the kids love it!
    I also place saran wrap covered quarters in the cake before icing so that every piece gets a special surprise.

  102. Happy Birthday to your daughter! My best friend was born only two days after me, so we try to celebrate together as often as possible. This past year we went to see The Phantom of the Opera together. πŸ™‚

  103. Oh Happy Happy birthday. I love making special cakes and seeing the birthday persons face as it enters the room. Parties with special people, and pressies are a great way to have a wonderful day.

    I hope you can contact me through the email I give to google, if not you could contact me through flickr 'sewjo2009'

  104. Caitlyn might be a little young to appreciate this yet, but my kids and grandkids have always loved pinatas – outdoors, summer or winter, with a big stick and lots of adults to help with actually getting it broken.

  105. Happened by blog hopping – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Precious πŸ™‚ My baby girls are all grown up and moved to other states…hug her tight! It happens too fast. I loved doing craft projects or mini cooking sessions much more than lavish party that becomes all about the presents. My 2 young nephews have been taught a party and LOTS of presents are their due. Not good.

  106. No kiddos in my house, but my favorite thing to do for my birthday when I was a kid was a cool family outing. When my brother and I were smaller, it might be something like the zoo, the circus, the children's museum. As we got older, we'd do a day trip for something a little bigger.

  107. I like to celebrate birthdays in a park…the kids have somewhere great to play, good food and fun!

    I am a new follower! Happy Birthday for your baby girl! Love pink!

  108. Wow wee this is a great giveaway!

    My dream birthday is a sleep in followed by breakfast in bed with loads of cuddles and kisses from my 4 kids and my hubby, followed by lunch with my girlfriends, some pampering in the afternoon, massage, nails, hair, then a lovely dinner out and maybe a movie or the theatre with my husband.

    If its for my kids, then a trip to the zoo, a day at the beach, a picnic with friends, playing at the park, kids are usually happy with any activity that involves you and them and a pretty cake!

  109. I like quiet birthdays – a day to myself BUT I love getting birthday cards and friends & family know it! so i get lots of cards & open them throughout the day – my own little party!

  110. Caitlin — We are so glad you're born… and I've put you on the list of potential suitors for my son if you'd like to meet him someday. πŸ™‚ Your mommy and I will sew together while you two get to know each other… deal? πŸ˜‰

  111. I say the only must for the first birthday celebration is that Mommy makes the cake. πŸ™‚ And for you — some kind of hand-made decoration too.

    Congratulations Angela. I know her sweetness is all the more rich to you after all the heartache along the way. I'm rejoicing with you on her birthday. πŸ™‚

  112. Happy Birthday to your cute little girl! I'm with the others that suggested a special cake letting her eat it however she likes with you on hand with a camera to capture the moment for posterity. For a first birthday I'd gather as many family and friends around as possible. As she gets older the birthdays will be all about her own little friends and not so much family – so make the most of it while you can.

  113. Awww, what a great giveaway! I think the best birthday in our house so far was the Yo Gabba Gabba themed one I did for my son's 2nd birthday. I've got boatloads of tutorials still bookmarked and tons of pictures!

  114. And happy, happy birthday, Caitlyn! Oh, and definitely make a separate cake for her. I think what I did for my son's first birthday was a 4" round pan I found at Jo-Ann's, and it was more than enough for him. πŸ™‚

  115. Favorite ways to celebrate a birthday… My mom has ALWAYS made a big deal out of birthdays, and I love that now I get to do the same for my little ones. πŸ™‚

    Birthday breakfast is the best. And simple. Mom would get up early (or stay up late the night before, I suppose) and put streamers up over the table. There'd be colorful paper plates and matching napkins and something yummy to eat. (Maybe a fruit salad or migas or something simple but tasty, usually.)

    Birthday dinner would have the cake and presents in full view and be a special meal. A favorite food that we didn't have often or something yummy that looked really pretty on the plates.

    It wasn't (and isn't…she did this for my birthday this year and I'm 37) that big of a production, but always makes me feel special and honored. πŸ™‚

  116. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday is with friends, usually in a bar (I'm in my 20's.) I imagine that as I get older that will change but for now I consider it a good night.

  117. What a fabulous giveaway. Would love to win the Pretty in Pink fat quarter bundle. For birthdays, I like a party at home with all the family and lots and lots of cake with cream cheese frosting.

  118. Happy Birthday Little One you look so sweet. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway. I do what ever my kids and grandson wants to do we just celebrated my grandsons 3rd birthday he wanted to go out to eat smiley faced pancakes and go to the movies and play in the park we all had such a good time. We made chocolate cupcakes together filled with chocolate chip cheese cake filling and buttercream frosting it was a mess be he had a great time and they tasted wonderful.

  119. Our favorite way to celebrate birthdays is to have the entire family over for a birthday dinner. The birthday girl or boy picks their favorite meal and we all get to visit and have a wonderful celebration.

  120. My favorite way to celebrate a birthday involves watching my favorite movies, eating some of my favorite food, and hanging out with my favorite people! My 3 year old daughter's last birthday involved her helping me make and decorate some cupcakes, getting her choice of a favorite dinner and decorating some super fun birthday hats. Thanks for the chance to win!


  121. What a cutie pie you have there…..I would celebrate too… Hummmmmm well….I would say my most favorite birthday was this year, no presents just a ton of Bday wishes on facebook…it was great!

  122. My mom used to have the birthday child pick all their favorite foods and make dinner with those favorites (which sometimes made for weird combinations, but it was fun). And each child had THEIR birthday cake which was only made that one day of the year and no one else could request it. As an adult now I still make "my" birthday cake for myself and it helps me feel close to my mom. Thanks for sharing your celebration with us!

  123. My most favourite birthdays when I was younger were the ones with not too many people (too much noise & stress) & with things that were just about me & my interests: crafts, a movie, games.
    I still like to celebrate my birthday with little things that have a lot of meaning for me.

  124. First of all happy birthday to Caitlyn! Time goes so fast, she's one!
    On birthday I love to have a family bating, and I love to bake some sweets for the party and a few to take away.
    And the most important have fun!

  125. Absolutely scrumptious giveaway. Those colors are to die for!!!

    This may not be birthday but though my children are now 28,24, and 20 I still do Christmas stockings for them with little things – hair stuff, bubble bath, nail stuff, chocolates and same sort of things for my son. They love it though they think its very childish of me!!!

  126. Happy birthday to your little one! And mine! Her's is in 3 days. I'm so sad I can say I have a 2 year old! She's not a baby anymore ;(

  127. Happy Birthday to your cutie. Birthdays must be celebrated with cake. My favorite candid photos of little ones are those where they had a cake they could dig into with their little fingers! Chocolate preferred. Best wishes for a great b'day celebration. alternate email mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  128. Our birthdays are very low key. They are not big parties. It is that persons DAY. They chose the menus (which can be out to eat even). They can chose an activity. And its just family.

    love those reds!

  129. I always loved going to dinner with my dad, just the two of us, each year for my birthday. I always got to pick the place too! πŸ™‚

    I love the spicy bundle!

    deserae (at) gmail (dot) com

  130. Happy Birthday Caitlyn! First birthdays all way have to have a separate cake (or cupcake). We always have the Birthday boy(in my case) pick out their favorite meal and either cook or get takeout. Of course my son is 19.
    I like things hot n spicy!

  131. Dear Caitlyn,
    Please have a wonderful hot spice Kona FQ bundle kind of day! Tell your Mommy that you want to play princess dress up. Pick put some of your Mommy's fabric, let her wrap a full length fabric gown around you. Pick out some cloth for her to wear too. You both can be a princess and view a little girl movie at home while eating popcorn. I know my little grandniece likes to do this so you might too. Hugs, MarciaW.
    Thanks for the giveaway. alternate email mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  132. Happy Birthday to your little girl.
    My daughter released a birthday balloon each year, for my grandaughters birthday. Now the girls look forward to doing it every year! Great fun! love the red bundle!
    Enjoy your little ones special day!

  133. Posting again, since I forgot my email address. Oops! (tropical_tiki_goddess at msn dot com, by the way)

    My favorite way to celebrate my birthday (which is in a few days, eek!) is to go out to dinner with my favorite people. Over the years this has been various friends and my boyfriend. This year, I have to work in the evening, so my celebration will be on another day.

  134. WOW!!! What gorgeous bundles! I'd be delighted to win either but if I had to choose, it'd be the Hot Spice – I could do with a little spice up πŸ˜‰

  135. My youngest was born on Earth Day (April 22), so for her 1st birthday we had a "green" theme. I made grocery totes as favors for everybody who came to the party, we had recycled plates and cups, etc. And we made a donation to the World Wildlife Fund in honor of her birthday (and got a stuffed animal as a gift for donating). We're going to make the donation thing a yearly tradition.

    Thanks for a great giveaway! Happy birthday to your little girl!

  136. Happy, happy birthday sweet Caitlyn. My girls are 3 and 4 and I adore birthdays with them. A picnic at a park with friends is usually how we celebrate. I make the cake and decorate it as a surprise for them – they don't see it until candle time and the delight on their faces is worth hiding it. Also, we have simple games like bubble blowing and pass the parcel. It's soooo much fun with small people!

  137. Oooh, pink Kona solids! I totally need that bundle πŸ™‚
    For birthdays, we usually just have family & friends. Kids get to pick their favorite meal & the cake is usually whatever they are into hat year.

  138. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Caitlyn!!! Now that my children are a bit older, we really like going out to dinner to celebrate birthdays. I am also a follower of your blog too Angela:)

  139. My favorite way to celebrate my own birthday is to have a Hobbit style unbirthday. I just like giving things to people and seeing their faces light up.

  140. Caitlyn is so cute!!! I just love birthdays. I like to have a family birthday party. I usually invite all my family and a few friends. Depending on the age, I like to make crafts, play little games where the kids can win prizes. When my daughter was little she liked to dress up. So I used to buy little costumes for her to play with all year round. She would dress up in a little tutu, or as a princess, etc. It was a lot of fun, and she looked so cute!! I love the hot spice bundle. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!! Hugs Ariane

  141. My birthday is Friday, and my husband's is Thursday! One tradition my dear late grandmother started was making me a Red Velvet Cake for my birthday. I still try to make one on my husband's birthday now, so there is a piece left for me on my birthday! Happy Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl!

  142. To celebrate birthdays we let the birthday person make as many choices possible on their special day. They also get to go first and not have to share (which is huge with 4 brothers) Yes a little self absorbed but it only happens happen once a year.

  143. I always try to do something special with my daughter on her birthday. A little shopping trip or a visit to the hair salon followed by lunch. This is always just the two of us. Since she is now grown with her own kids it is harder to pull off. For her 25th I gave her a necklace in her favorite blue saphire as she has never liked her own birthstone and loves blue.

  144. I know this sounds corny, but, even after all these years ( my children are now 30 and 33) we start the day by telling what exactly happened the day they were born! Not newspaper events, but household events, family member stories about them and the day they were born- and they still love it! We show pictures of their homecoming from the hospital, and drag out the old "toys" of a newborn πŸ˜‰ I just found your site on Bejeweled quilts by Barb, and am glad I did… since this is the "first" birthday, it is a great year to start this tradition if you like, LOL. Thanks for the give a way chance, and a very Happy Birthday to your daughter, fondly, Sandy

  145. wen always tried to do something special on the day with our son and a couple of his playmates – a theme park, a hands-on science museum – someplace where they could run around and just have some plain fun

  146. Whoa, this is some giveaway! I would be happy with either bundle! We celebrate birthdays in our house with a special birthday hat that the girls wear year after year and hang the family birthday banner.

  147. The most successful, low cost little kid parties included dressing up and making part of the costume as the party. i.e. for a 3 y.o. Princess party, I sprayed noodles gold so they could make jewelry. Tiaras were decorated with stickers. Twirly skirts provided. There was also the cat party (I provided tails, ears & face paint)… Ah, such memories.

  148. WhaT little cuttie. I just became a follower. I just had a birthday Thursday and my idea was taking off work and doing nothing – but of course the nothing didn't happen. Give her a big kiss and enjoy every minute you can.

  149. What a fun day indeed!! I like to celebrate birthday's by getting a bunch of people together and talking the day away over good food! –gah and just look at those beautiful fat quarters! Oh, the things we could do with them!

  150. We just celebrated my boy's first birthday in October. We kept it simple as not to overwhelm him (or us): small family get together with veggie lasagna, cupcakes and present opening πŸ™‚

  151. O yes a the pink one my middle daughter is having her birthday just when we all get a New Year to. And she loves to get fabrics because she is starting to make quilts of her own now.
    (she will be 19) And here favorit colour is PINK.
    Congratulations to your princess, before you now it she turn 19 and is a big girl, now I start to cry soon, how is it possible they grow sooo fast.

  152. I like to celebrate with lots of pictures. Everyone groans at the time, but I am ALWAYS glad I have them. I also enjoy making shirts for my kids with their age appliqued on the front so when looking back at the pictures, there is no doubt πŸ™‚