My favorite quilt for Lynne and my newest quilt for you all!

Over on Lynne’s Blog, Lily’s Quilts, she’s doing a fun feature on everyone’s favorite quilt that they have made. Well I’ve made a number in my day, and I have many feelings about all of them. It’s hard to be ambivalent about anything that you put so much of yourself into. And it’s just as hard to say that any single one is your favorite. And so, just for today, I’ll say what I’m currently loving from previous work.

Finished String quilt

Today, this is my favorite quilt. I made this quilt for my mother in law after she dropped everything, traveled a 1000 miles, and stayed with us for a month after Caitlyn was born and I needed the help. She was invaluable and bashfully mentioned to my husband on her way to the airport at the end of the month that she would like one of my quilts maybe in 3 years or so…well I got it to her in about 3 months. 🙂 It’s so fun to go back there and see it and know that it will be well loved for many years.

And onto my latest quilt. I told you all that I put the border on. Such a seemingly simple task and yet it’s one of the very last times that you can ensure that your quilt is all squared up nicely. Plus there was a bit of extra pressure with this quilt because there are so many bias edges along the edge of the quilt…they were just begging to be stretched out. But I held them back. I’m also proud to say that after auditioning many different fabrics for a border from my stash that I was finally able to pick one that I was happy with. And once again, it has been in my stash for a few years, so it felt great to use it here.

Want to know what color I put around this pink and cream quilt? I’ll give you a hint… This quilt is now named “Neapolitan Dreams”! So start thinking chocolate…

Neapolitan Dreams Quilt Top

Neapolitan Dreams Quilt Top

With the border on, this quilt is a healthy twin size. I’m saving to quilt it on a long arm after our guild takes a long arm quilting class this weekend! So this may be the very first quilt that I long arm quilt on!

Neapolitan Dreams Quilt Top

Neapolitan Dreams Quilt Top
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  1. Echo what Krista said about making a quilt with a newborn, no doubt you are a high achiever!!! I bet your MIL was thrilled and the quilt is a stunner. But that pink one is really something special I think – the shapes, patterns and colours are very unusual and striking and I'm looking forward to seeing it longarmed!

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