Stacked Bowls

One of the things I’m participating in right now is a swap called the Sewing Room Swap over on Flickr.  I think I’ve mentioned it before here.  I can’t reveal my partner just yet because it’s all private hush hush until they get their complete package.  But I thought I would show you one of the items that I have made for her.


Stacked Bowls Mini

I call it Stacked Bowls…well…’s stacked bowls.  I’m clever like that 😉

This is a wall hanging for my partner’s sewing room.  It is made from half circles that I pieced much like you would sew a 1/4 circle for a drunkard’s path block for example.  It’s just more of the circle!  I gave myself plenty of background fabric (Laura Gunn’s painter’s canvas) so that I could improv piece these together.


Stacked Bowls Mini

It takes a little bravery to slice into perfectly sewn half circle pieces, but I knew that I wanted a stack of bowls that teetered this way and that.  So slice I did!  And sewed them all back together to achieve this stack of bowls.  I went one bowl at a time so that I could play with the layout and angle of each bowl.


Stacked Bowls Mini

I needed to quilt this but didn’t want to detract from the overall picture of the bowls.  So this straight line repetitive quilting actually blends into the image and creates texture without distraction.  And I did some free hand back stitch embroidery to add the word CREATE.  I did the embroidery after I bound and finished this so that I could place the letters in the right place, but that was definitely the harder way to go.  Live and learn!

Stacked Bowls Mini

And I had to have a picture of it finished with gratuitous amounts of fabric behind it!  Oh and the fabric IN the mini for those bowls is all DS fabric from her Joanns lines.  Aren’t they perfect for retro looking bowls?

All in all, I’m pretty confident that my partner will like this.  This is my small project for her, so now I’m off to work on the big project.  It’s so fun to make pretty things for people you know will really love and appreciate them, right?!

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  1. Tha t is super cute! Anyone would love to hang that in her sewing room. You have done a great job. I have seen some of the other swap items on IG and everyone is going over the top! She is going to love it

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