Tips and Tricks – Bobbin Winding

Hey all!

I’ve been thinking about starting a little something here on the blog called “Tips and Tricks”.  I’m so often sewing and quilting and think of a step I’m doing that I want to share with you all.  I know that some of you are smarty pants out there and will know everything I have to share and more…so please! add to the conversation with more of your own suggestions!  Each tip is something is something that I’ve discovered, learned or seen over my many years sewing.

These tips will most likely be simple quick solutions for problems you may not even know you have. I think we absorb the info better when presented with a brief explanation and photo of each one individually.  So that’s my plan for this hopefully ongoing series. (And by saying ongoing series that now means that I need to create a cute button for it and everything. lol)

Today’s Tip:

Bobbin Winding

Starting to quilt a new project? Try prewinding multiple bobbins in advance to avoid stopping in the middle of your project to rethread, wind and reload each time! It may take some time to estimate how many bobbins you will need for a particular project but I think having three ready is a good number to start with.  Keep in mind that free motion quilting often eats up thread faster than straight line quilting.

Nothing is more frustrating than losing your momentum in the middle of a good quilting run!