Christmas Pickles from New Orleans

Now how’s that for a blog title?!  I bet you think I’m about to show you pictures of large red and green pickles. 😉  Nope…this is still a blog about quilting.  Although if anyone makes some red pickles, that would be pretty funny.

Christmas Pickles from New Orleans

No, I have the great pleasure of sharing with you a beautiful quilt that my friend Karen,
from the New Orleans Modern Quilt Guild, made for me! Karen was part of our feisty group and fit right in with her attention to detail and her quirky love of all things Christmas fabric!  I’m not sure how many Christmas quilts she has made, but this lady loves her some Christmas fabric.

Christmas Pickles from New Orleans

Karen started this quilt for me back when I still lived in New Orleans and I was able to give her a bunch of fabric to include.  I didn’t have many Christmas fabrics in particular, but I had plenty of red and green.  So I gave her some Sherbet Pips red puppy dogs, some Jennifer Paganelli green and white stripes, some Hideaway, and lots of others!  Then Karen pulled some special fabrics from her own stash to add-in.  I particularly love how she added the aqua color to the whole color scheme.

Christmas Pickles from New Orleans

I had seen Karen make this same pattern for another friend of hers and I fell in love with the simple geometry of it.  It’s just so perfectly quilty!  I casually mentioned that I would love one of these myself, never dreaming that she would take me up on it.  But as she said, it’s nice to give a quilt to someone you know will love it.  I think we can all understand that.

Christmas Pickles from New Orleans

It’s not all that often that a quilter makes another quilter a quilt.  After all, we all know that we could make one for ourselves if so choose.  But it’s really such a wonderful gift to give!  I was thrilled when my quilt arrived in the mail last week and I could snuggle with it. (as did little miss!)

Christmas Pickles from New Orleans

I forget why Karen named this quilt pattern Pickles…I think perhaps her first friend either loved or hated pickles…and she was making a joke. 😉  But then this was a Christmas version and so it is named Christmas Pickles.  My husband gave me a baffled look when I told him her name, but he just doesn’t understand the fun you can have pickling…errr…picking out a name for a quilt.

Christmas Pickles from New Orleans

The fabric I gave her for the backing is a flea market fancy look alike but in green!  I adore it and got it at a great price (like $3 a yard) at some point.  So I had enough to be the backing for this whole quilt.   It looks just great on the back.  And I love the flannel fabrics that Karen included throughout the top as well.  Plus she put in some of her precious munki munki fabrics!


Christmas Pickles from New OrleansIt’s so precious to me Karen!  And it will always be a wonderful reminder of the great times we all had together in New Orleans.  Now grab Kaelin and come up and visit me!!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Pickles from New Orleans”

  1. Wow what an amazing present. Such a fabulous quilt. I love the way that over all it doesn't immediately shout Christmas so you could use this whenever you want. I know I would!

  2. And unlike a non quilter you appreciate and have stories attached to the individual fabric patterns. I won a Christmas quilt last year that has a similar look and feel and I love it!

  3. I've been watching her progress on your quilt and just LOVE how it is 🙂 Just dreamy- definitely PERFECT for "settling down for a long winter's nap" :)!!

  4. What a wonderful gift. Giving and receiving quilts is so much fun and has become a big part of my life this year. The only problem I have is finding enough time and fabric to make all the quilts I want to give to people. Enjoy this fantastic gift.

  5. HAHA, there is a pattern called Christmas Pickle for a quilt, I have a UFO one started, but not in red and green. So that is what I was expecting to see……..but this is not that quilt. But I do love that pattern, great for a scrappy quilt.

  6. Your post about the pickles made me laugh….my mom and I make red and green Christmas pickles every year….they are cinnamon flavored and are so good during the holidays! The quilt is pretty!

  7. Angela! I'm so glad you like "Christmas Pickles" – you're right the name evolved from the quilt I made for another friend. But yours took on a second meaning. There is an old German custom where the child that finds the pickle ornament in the tree gets an extra gift. Being friends with you is definitely an "extra gift". I loves and misses ya, K.

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