Cruising Disney Style

Did you miss me?!  I was away in the beautiful Caribbean for a much needed vacation.  Our first vacation since this little gal joined our life.  It’s been FAR too long.

Disney Cruise

I did break out our matching dresses as promised for the cruise one night.  We even matched with white shoes.  Oh she was extra thrilled about that.  lol  She was pleased as punch to show it to Mickey!

Disney Cruise

Some sweet Daddy love…

Disney Cruise

And then of course, a conversation with Cinderella.  You can’t have a good night with out a conversation with a princess!  I love her expression here!

Disney Cruise

I was also finally able to use my bag made by my good friend Tracey!  I wore it all over the ship and carried my camera and all other things.  It went to every island with me and always looked great.  Traveling handmade!!  Echino fabric love.  And it is doing double duty here holding a precious magic wand. 😉

Disney Cruise

And I haven’t shown you too much of this dress yet…it’s next up in the princess sew along series.  She was the most precious Minnie Mouse around.  So cute in fact that the hotel gave her a Minnie Mouse doll that she has carried with her EVERYWHERE since.  They just couldn’t get over how cute she was. (mom pats herself on the back.  I made that girl and that dress! lol)

Disney Cruise

Mickey was of course very excited to see a little Minnie before we boarded the ship.

Disney Cruise

And we were all thankful when she finally fell asleep that day for a nap. 😉  Love these moments.

Disney Cruise

And while I made neither the dress nor the beautiful mosaic, I just had to share one last photo (I have oh so many!).  Cinderella is a favorite in this house and Bippity Boppity Boo as we call her.  So this photo is just so dear to me.  It captures so much of our week.

Disney Cruise

Sewing will begin again soon.  But for now, I’m basking in a slow return to reality.  See ya’ll real soon! (said in my best Mickey voice)

21 thoughts on “Cruising Disney Style”

  1. What awesome pictures! Every outfit you made (including yours) is adorable! I'm counting the moments until our little prince and princess are big enough to visit Mickey. So fun!

  2. what a sweet recap of your Disney cruise vacation. That is one of our most fun vacations. Remind me to tell you about it sometime. Your little Minnie is the cutest. I bet she was a big hit in all her special princess dresses.

  3. What an awesome getaway! Your princess looks just wonderful and that dress is to die for. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that other people wanted to know where you got it.

  4. You deserve the Best Mother award for sure!! What wonderful pictures….your daughter will treasure that trip for a long time to come. Thanks so much for sharing your darling pictures.

  5. Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts

    So glad you had such a great trip! The pictures are wonderful. Time well spent for sure@

  6. Cruising is so fun. And who could beat a Disney cruise? Your little girl is adorable, and it sounds like a lot of great memories were made. I hope you feel rejuvenated!

  7. It's quite evident you all had a marvelous time…so glad for you. And what an amazing Minnie you "made" – both of them 😉 Can't wait to see how you made the Minnie ears/ponytail holders. I'm working on my Rapunzel dresses…except for the fact that both of my sewing machines are broken…(insert sad face) and going to the sewing Doctor on Friday. Hope to get at least one back really soon!

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