Disappearing Rainbow

Disappearing Rainbow

This long Work in Progress is Finally Complete!!  I started this quilt years ago…really.  YEARS.  And it was part of my inspiration for my Craftsy class on Disappearing Blocks using Precuts.

Disappearing Rainbow

This is one of the first quilts that I set out to “design”.  I sketched it all out using nine patches that gradated in color.  Each block was uniquely made with a particular arrangement of color, so that when the nine patch was cut up and resewn into a disappearing nine patch the result would be a cascade of color across the quilt.

Originally the quilt design was twice this size…what can I say?  Go big or go home.  Well…this needed to come home.  So I made some quick adjustments to my original plan and ended the rainbow with light blue rather than the fuller exploration of color I was going to do.  But I don’t regret it for a moment.  This is a case where done is better than perfect. (especially when no one but me knows what the original design ensued.) lol

Disappearing Rainbow

I’m thrilled to have it finished and once again was saved by my angel quilter Louise of Dogwood Hill Quilts.  She took a quilt I was literally ready to toss into the trash and quilted it up beautifully for me. Another quilt added to my Finished collection.  Full of fabrics from ages past… It is a long story now finished.  And hopefully will inspire some to tackle the freedom of quilt design within a single block through the use of COLOR.  Go forth and design!!

37 thoughts on “Disappearing Rainbow”

  1. Not sure why you wanted to trash this one – it’s BEAUTIFUL! I think I’m going to have to make one myself.

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous… I’m sure that I commented on IG how this is the best disappearing 9 patch I have ever seen!! I’d love to make one but I don’t have fabric colours in all those ranges!

  3. Angela, would you consider explaining how you arranged the blocks before cutting into the nine patch? I love the way the coloured blocks seem to float on the black.

  4. That is really lovely. How challenging it must have been to figure out how to create the nine patches so that it would turn out right! The choice of background color is excellent as well. Sometimes the colors dominate, but if you look again, the black windmills dominate. Very well done! I wish I could do as well.

  5. This quilt is so beautiful Angela! Thank goodness you didn’t give up on it! After watching you make a quilt like this in your Craftsy class, making a quilt like this became a goal for me! I’m marveling over the way you were able to achieve the cascading color effect… Just gorgeous!

  6. It’s beautiful Angela!! I love the rainbow of color!! Is this one taught in your dipappearing block Craftsy class? Hugs, H

  7. Angela, you just made an exceptional version of “disappearing 9 patch” – congratulations…now what are you doing with those left over blocks??? Yea for rainbows at the end of a journey!

  8. Why would ANYone wish to toss this? It is really lovely! So glad you finished it up and shared it with us.

  9. Love the piecing and the quilting! I’ll have to look at Craftsy for your class. It might already be on my wish list.

  10. your quilt is gorgeous. so glad you did not throw it away. I love the disappearing nine patch. It is on my sewing to do list.

  11. Beautiful quilt. I love the rainbow colors and the black background just makes everything look floating.

  12. I love me some rainbow colors in a quilt. I have never made a disappearing nine patch, but your quilt makes me think that I really need to. I have a really hard time visualizing how the design works, and I think that’s what keeps me from trying it. But that’s probably what your class if for, right? : ) I’m especially intrigued by how you planned your color placement.

  13. Oh my goodness!! LOOOOOVE your Disappearing Nine Patch version!! Gorgeous!! I have made two D9P quilts…but were patchworky….love the use of solid black!! Awesome job!!

  14. What a wonderful rainbow quilt. I’m here from Lara’s mini blog hop and want to shout out a big thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who shared lots of applique inspiration.

  15. Beautiful!! I’m so glad that Lara is having us visit the blogs one more time (I missed many the first time). I would have hated missing your quilt.

  16. Visiting from BuzzinBumble. “This is a case where done is better than perfect.” What a great motto for me and others who need to think about “FINISHED”!

  17. I have made a disappearing nine-patch before, but I love the way you have laid out the colours. It’s so nice to see how different use of colours can change a quilt design completely!

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