Every day sewing

Not all things I make are photo shoot worthy, but I’m still trying to capture a bit of those for you.

Yesterday I got some awesome new Echino fabrics (and some Nursery Versery fell in my cart too!)  in the mail that I ordered from Japan.  I love happy mail days!

Every day sewing

And feeling completely cool and fabulous in my good taste in fabric, then I promptly went out to Joann’s and bought some Tinkerbell flannel fabric.  Yep…I am just THAT hip.  😉  (Hey at least I found one with spools of thread!  That’s a little bit cool…right? right?  I’m trying)

Every day sewing

But my love of fabric knows no end, and neither does my desire to make fun things for my daughter.  My little cuteness has been trying to “warm up” her pillow, so I decided that she needed a flannel pillowcase.  And yes, I have awesome AMH flannel that I could have used.  But I saw the Tinkerbell flannel and threw my designer taste out the window for some good old fashioned Trademarked images.

Every day sewing

I used this pillowcase tutorial for a roll up pillowcase and was pretty pleased with it.  I grabbed a little Riley Blake fabric from my stash for the binding and put them together for a snugly pillowcase.  And my little Tinkerbell was quite pleased this morning when I showed it to her.

Every day sewing

I will also take this moment to admit how far behind I am in my own Quilt Along.  I completed two more blocks, the pipe block and the fire flower.  If you are following along, you will realize that I posted about those blocks a while ago…but whoops.  Things get pushed to that back burner.

Every day sewing

Every day sewing

I have two more blocks all ready to be sewn and then I will almost be caught up with myself.  Hmm…whatever.  At this point, I have personal goals of when to finish it and I’ll make that happen.  No more apologies for where I am with it.  I’ve got one or two more instructional posts for you all with it but then we’re all just out there sewing together hundreds of tiny little squares.

Oh the things we do for the ones we love.  Tinkerbell flannel and teeny tiny squares of fabric.

13 thoughts on “Every day sewing”

  1. oh, your little girls is beyond adorable. Throwing your designer taste out the window and getting Tinkerbell fabric was a good call, I must admit. Way to go mom!!!!

  2. Awww! Tinkerbell will win against ANY designer if you ask little girls!
    And so good of you to remember the inner little girl and set the cool mom on hold for this – priceless! And thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Aww, I like the pillowcase. I just bought Perry flannel (from Phineas and Ferb) because, of course, little boys don't care a bit about designer flannel for their pillowcases.

  4. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. My daughter loves Dinosaur Train and therefore I made her a pillowcase with pteranodons on it. She loves it and declared that she wouldn't need a new pillowcase for the rest of her life!

    Nice work on the Mario quiltalong! I'm doing one block as part of a bee and have cut out a couple hundred squares. Now to sew them together at tonight's Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild sew-in!

  5. The picture of your daughter is great. I just shut my eyes and made my son a Berenstain Bears quilt, and he loves it.

    P.S. I hate when things fall into my cart.

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