Flash back Tee – Sewing with Knits!!

I haven’t been doing much sewing around here.  Between Christmas, Birthdays and Health, let’s just say that getting to the sewing machine has been lower on the priority list than normal.  However, I did have a LOVELY sewing day my friend Emily who was in town to visit her parents for Christmas.

Sewing with Knits!!

We had been planning this day for quite a while and I was especially excited because Emily has done a lot of sewing with knits and that is something that I really want to tackle this year.  And I’m so happy to say that I made my very first knit tshirt…the Flashback Tee from Rae.

Sewing with Knits!!

My little model was especially silly on this day when I snatched a few photos of her, so just enjoy that. :p

I started with my Heather Ross knit fabric because it was the one I purchased the longest ago and I wanted to use up what I’ve had for the longest.  It turned out to be a perfect choice for this little 5 year old!

Sewing with Knits!!

I know I shouldn’t be scared to sew with knits and I did fine, but I was so happy to have Emily there to sew with me and walk me through a step if I had a question.  It really was very direct but I was not nervous with her there and just celebrated each step along the way.  I must say that it was especially helpful to own a serger.  I sewed the whole shirt with it!
Sewing with Knits!!

I made the shirt with matching cuffs and neckline rather than a separate knit fabric fabric.  And it turned out super cute.  I’ll admit that I never have ended up hemming this shirt.  I thought that the perfectionist in me wouldn’t be able to let that step go.  But I must be getting more laid back because I’m JUST FINE with it being unhemmed.  The beauty of knit fabric is that you don’t need to hem.  It becomes a design decision (I’m calling it that rather than laziness) to choose to hem or not.  Without a formal hem, you get a slight roll on the knit that looks darling too.

Sewing with Knits!!

I made this in a 4T for my pipsqueak daughter who just turned 5.  It fits her perfectly.  And this mama is super happy because this shirt has been in constant wardrobe rotation since I made it.  Nothing like seeing the things you’ve made actually be used and worn!  And again, I think that is the beauty of knits…we really WANT to wear comfy clothes around here. And knits fit that task perfectly.  I’m eager to make more for her!  And for myself. 😉

Sewing with Knits!!

We had the best time with Emily and Caitlyn wanted her to stay and be her mommy too.  She said she could have two mommies.  lol  That’s totally okay Emily.  You get to put her to bed and get her to eat at mealtimes, Deal? 😉

7 thoughts on “Flash back Tee – Sewing with Knits!!”

  1. Great shirt and it looks like you could grab that off the rack at a store! Love your daughters sillyness as well! Can't wait to see what more you make with knits! That's a goal of mine this year as well!

  2. The shirt is great: you did a lovely job on it!! And your daughter is toooo darn cute!! She reminds me of my niece when she was that age: so much fun and sparkle!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Her cute little smiles and faces made ME smile!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

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