Had to share my first birthday gift!

Well, really my first two birthday gifts. But one of them I already told you about. My husband bought me the newest version of electric quilt early because we pre-ordered it to get a good discount. I’m really enjoying learning the program and I know that once I really get going with it, I will be cranking out patterns like it’s nobody’s business.

So in the vein, I told..ummm..asked one of my brothers for the Amy Butler Electric Quilt supplement. It has mixed reviews, but I thought that it would be a perfect gift because I probably would never buy it for myself, but I’m going to really enjoy seeing the projects in it!





3 thoughts on “Had to share my first birthday gift!”

  1. Happy birthday!!!

    I've had Electric Quilt for two years now and it's not even out of the box! (there's not enough time for the quilts in my head let alone the ones I would design with the software.)

    Hope your birthday is fantastic!

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