Help a gal out…

Hey all,
I was hoping you could help me help a reader.  She is a newish quilter in North Manchester, IN, and looking for great quilters to get together with and sew!  Does anyone know of any guilds in that area or nearby?  Or do you live close to there too?  I know firsthand how fabulous it is to develop sewing friends who live literally in your city and stop by to envy your fabric or let you envy theirs. 😉   So I hope you guys can help me out and help out Megan!

Oh and remember….all good posts have a picture.  (Do I still need to justify my need to show pictures of my cute girlie?!)

Help A Gal Out

7 thoughts on “Help a gal out…”

  1. Hi Angela, hope you get someone to help you out! I am way too far away and that is not my neck of the woods! I have had the pleasure of hooking people up all over the Middle East when I served on the Muscat Quilt Guild board so I know how you feel to want to help this gal. Good luck!

  2. You never need to justify your need to show off your cutie! She's a doll! Anyway, I wish I lived closer! However I am in Winchester, IN so I am too far away! Hope your friend finds some sewing friends! None of my friends sew.

  3. oy, im pretty close, but not really? im in fort wayne…i think north manchester is about 45 minutes away! id love to encourage her to join the fw appleseed guild, we meet first tues of every month at 7pm…kinda late drive home for her too…anyway, id love to connect with her if she wants my info, let me know. my mom lives in roanoke which is quite close to n manchester, so we could perhaps work something out!!

  4. Greetings from Tunisia! I'm enjoying your blog, your textile projects and your interviews with international quilters. About embroidery: "Stitchin' Fingers" is a great blog group to see some great work and maybe get help. Someone else very interesting and more off the beaten track is Jude Hill at the Spirit Cloth blog. Her approach is very interesting.
    And thanks for sharing!
    best, nadia

  5. I'm not from there, but, one of my local quilt stores has 'sew-in' every Thursday in the classroom. A group of us attends each week, with others coming and going at times. Have her check the shops in her area for something like this, or, if they would start something.

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