Just sitting here waiting for all my lovely fabric to arrive in the mail.

I’m on an official sewing break for the next few days due to the guests staying at our house. You see the guest room is my sewing room and right now the machine is up in the corner of the closet! So I’m just sitting here and waiting for my pretty fabrics to arrive in the mail. That should keep me busy…washing them, petting them, photographing them, petting them, folding them, petting them….

I realized that I didn’t share yet though that I actually managed to make the little girl a bow of her very own. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, but I’m still going to experiment some more on future ones. I think that this was the right way to do this one because the ribbon was only printed on one side. It’s pretty cute if I do say so myself. And of course because my daughter is pretty cute, she makes anything look good. LOL.

It took a fair amount of time because I kept going back and forth between following someone’s instructions and doing it on my own. Plus I just used a craft glue and not hot glue so there was a lot of holding the bow and waiting for it to dry. 🙂

Oh and she’s 6 months old with that great head of hair! Lucky girl. She needs bows…I’m the type who would have tried to put them in even if she didn’t have hair, but she actually looks a little silly without one.


My sweetness! She’s always too interested in trying to figure out the camera to show me that great smile though! Kind of a funny angle, but trust me, it looks cute on her!


I have the next one all planned out. A soft turquoise with a polka dot knot in the middle. It will be too cute!

4 thoughts on “Just sitting here waiting for all my lovely fabric to arrive in the mail.”

  1. I am so envious of that hair my daughter didnt have hair until she was a year old and even then it was barely there. Now its there but not as thick as hers!

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