Let’s put it into context

So being on a fabric diet is hard… we all know. I know that not everyone is participating and that is TOTALLY fine. Ultimately I think we all just want to be wise purchasers. For some, that means buying as much as we can of our favorite line because we’ll use it forever. For others, it means finding that oh so hard to find fabric and victory that comes with knowing that you own it. And for some, it is finding the best possible deal for ANY fabric.

Unfortunately, I think that I’ve found myself in too many of those categories too often. If you are only in one…then you’re probably fine. I’m not your financial adviser though…don’t go into debt buying fabric!! Okay, maybe I am your financial advisor. LOL.

It has really helped me to start going through the yards and yards and yards of fabric that I have accumulated in one way or another. It’s pretty sobering to take every piece of fabric you own into your hands and begin to reorganize it. It’s the literal touching of the fabric that gets to me after a while. You know you have too much when you are tired of organizing your own fabric…and you LOVE to organize.

So let me put a bit of my stash out there…

these are my blues:

Let's put it into context

yep. it’s a little ridiculous. Now it is true that I have far more blue fabric than any other color (although it is followed fairly closely by green!) but that is too much. How can I possibly use all of that and use what will inevitably join the pile at some point?

Honestly I think that I’ve justified a lot of purchases thinking that I will use the yardage to piece together backs. But that is all dependent on actually getting enough quilts made!!!LOL

I’m struggling to get the smaller pieces organized too. When you have enough scraps to fill over 6 of these drawers, you have a lot. ‘nuf said.

Let's put it into context

And you might notice in the above picture that I am starting to put aside my fat quarters. I resisted this for years! I think, secretly I’ve always been offended that they are even sold that way…like you shouldn’t be cutting up the bolt in more than one way. (sometimes I’m a very linear thinker!) But I’m LOVING having them separated. It gives me a much better idea of what is yardage and what is smaller pieces.

There is hope…

Let's put it into context

I’ve organized the red, pink, orange, yellow, green, and half the blues at this point (haven’t taken pictures of it all yet).

Let's put it into context

there on the second shelf you can see “all” of the greens. Why the quotes, Angela? Well, I’m so glad you asked. Because I have fabric sorted also by collection, by fat quarter, by scraps, by solids, and by bundles. Yep. Well…you did ask.

Here are the upper shelves which have yet to be disturbed…but they will be soon…because the fabrics are making their way up!

Let's put it into context

But I do have one little corner that I am pleased with and don’t feel is filled with excess at this point. And that is my new little bookcase for patterns and books. But honestly, even that could be paired down. Living in New Orleans for the last five years has made me think about what I would be devastated to lose if there were another flood…or at least what I would take in an evacuation. Too much of this would not be it. LOL. But that’s mainly because it is replaceable. 🙂

Let's put it into context

The (somewhat delightful) insanity continues with my scraps of just KJR! LOL. That’s what happens when you send out way more fabric than necessary for a bee and ask for it back…

Let's put it into context

So, for all of those participating with me. This is what I’m working with. It’s about gaining control over this impulse to fill a room with fabric that I don’t use and about really enjoying EVERY SINGLE PIECE I OWN. That is my true goal. I want to love everything so much that I’m just dying to use it. Otherwise…I probably don’t need it…

15 thoughts on “Let’s put it into context”

  1. Your stash is looking great, Angela! I love separating out my fat quarters, because so many of the quilts I make for the quilt ministry can be made with a selection of fat quarters, so it's simple to just look there first. Of course, mine aren't organized by color yet – yours look awesome!! Keep up the good work…..

  2. I started to do my stash on those boards but ran out and I need another pack of them. I have no idea where to find a local comic book store so I had to order them from Amazon.
    Your room is looking great! I would love to come and help you organize your fabric 🙂

  3. I love looking at your organized fabric. I think being able to see it matters a lot. Mine is in boxes and, right now, not even with me where I'm temporarily living. I'm hoping there is some swapping in my future!

  4. Wow, that DOES put it into context. I see. ahem. But, I see some very nice stuff there. I bet you could be happy all year sewing from this if you didn't see the new stuff coming out and being used around blogdom.

  5. my fabric stash is literally a fraction of what you have; however, i'm jealous that you have so many choices right there in your own sewing room!

    as far as scraps go, this is what I do: I don't save everything! I jam it all into a drawer, and when that drawer is full, I cut them into uniform sizes. 5.5" and 2.5" squares. Of course, this pains me, because what about rectangles?! But, in the interest of SANITY I do it this way. Anything smaller than 2.5" x 2.5" gets thrown out. Some may call this wasteful– or blasphemy– but it's about doing what's practical for me. I love having all my little squares and I guess someday they'll all get together for one big quilt! In the meantime, I pick through them for pieces to use when I'm making random scrappy blocks.

    Just thought I'd share.

  6. Oh my. I think I could spend all day patting and playing with your stash. Is it bad that these pictures just make me aspire to some day have a real stash just like this one? Just more slowly acquired than the rate at which they are coming home now.

  7. it all looks so pretty! I laughed when I saw your blues – I think I have about 3 times that many blues, with reds about the same! Mind you, mine are no where near as neat and organized as yours. I try – but as soon as the first project inspiration hits me, and I turn to my stash it's like a hurrican has come through! I have to avoid fabric stores as I am sooo an impulse buyer – if I love it I buy it! Dangerous! Especially when I was working in a fabric store!

  8. Hey guys, I plan on doing a number of posts on the way that I am organizing my fabric and going through my stash. But for the sake of those who've asked, I am actually folding my fabric around a comic book backer board and keeping it there to achieve a mini bolt. I'll give instructions soon though!

  9. Hi Angela, your stash does look great. Mine is not as organized, because I allways put the fabric with the projects I would like to use it in…After a while it is scattered all over the House..I´m acctually a person, that hates to cut fabric..Thats one of the reasons I tend to buy extra yardage of it…It´s like, hey I might need excactly this fabric in another project :), stuppid I know, but that´s how I think and feel ,lol … "Stash-Talk" is an emotional subject anyway ;)…greetings Karin

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