The new house on the block

Gretchen had us make tiny house blocks for our last month of Bee Modern (don’t worry…many of us are moving on to Bee Modern Too)…a little bittersweet to be ending my first year long (and then some) commitment to a bee, but it was such a fun type of block to make. She sent us strips of fabric to use for the background and asked us to use our own scraps for the houses. I found the perfect fabric to use for the roof and had to use it on both houses I made. I also have a super cute fabric with little girl characters just dieing to be fussy cut and put in this type of block…so I asked her if she minded if I added them and she said to go ahead. And we couldn’t make the houses any taller than 4″!

My first block has a house made with a Katie Jump Rope fabric and I think that it looks a lot like bricks with windows.


A close up detail of the house and little girl. I love how her hair color matches the house!


For my second house I used a scrap given to me by someone from another bee. I love the crossover that can happen when you are over involved like I am! LOL. This house ended up feeling very Moroccan to me and I love how the fabric does all the work.


Here’s a closeup on the house and the sweet girl waiting to play!


The two blocks together! I can’t wait to see them with other blocks and see how the neighborhood develops!


And I think that Gretchen is going to kick start Bee Modern Too with us making more houses for her! She’ll have plenty of blocks that way!

More Bee blocks to show soon…they’re pouring in these days. But I’m keeping up! I had to make a big calendar of my bees and my months though so I can remember when I have to send fabric out! I’ll show you all that later and you’ll see how crazy I am.

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