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Thankfully I finally found a great source for renumbering my comments and I no longer have to count them out by hand! I have been doing that since the beginning of the year. It’s no fun people. When Blogger made their comment changes, it changed my numbering. I let it go because when it first happened not enough people had tackled the issue yet and nothing was working for me.

Well today I finally decided to “tackle” it again. I did a quick google search and up popped Jenelle’s blog with the perfect EASY solution. I did a double take because I didn’t expect to find this info on another quilting blog. But I did and it took me about 2 minutes to fix what has been an extremely annoying formatting issue for months. So thank you Jenelle!

12 thoughts on “Numbering Comments Solution”

  1. Thanks Angela. Even though I follow Jenelle's blog, I hadn't tried using her tutorial. I just used it to reinstate the numbers on my comments. It was so easy, even an old non techie like myself could do it.

  2. Great! Thanks….just what I need, since I'm trying to set up my own quilting blog and I need to know stuff like this!
    BTW, where do you get the True Random Number Generator?
    And I'll head over to Jenelle's blog to check out the tech tips!
    Thanks, Rachell

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