Pajamas at Play

One of the things that I really wanted to finish for Caitlyn for her birthday and then for Christmas was a pair of pajamas. I gave up the dream when I realized that it wouldn’t really matter when I finished them and I needed the sleep more. But like all of my projects, I am determined to finish each one that I have started in the last six months in a prompt manner. So this Oliver & S Sleepover Pajama Pattern and I had a date with some Sarah Jane Children at Play Flannel.

I haven’t finished the top yet, but it’s all cut out.  I did manage to get the pants made and took some sneaky shots of the girlie with my phone.  I can’t wait until she cooperates for the camera again.  lol

Sleepover Pajamas

I’m making the girl version with the ruffles.  I was able to use another jelly roll strip from a Bella White Jelly Roll (such a great idea to have one of these around for projects!  I use it all the time for a strip of white!).    I made the size 2T for Caitlyn and it is definitely a little big on her.  The pattern is supposedly accommodating for growing children by designing the cuff to be let down at varying heights as your child needs more length.  But I haven’t decided if I like that.  Caitlyn is average to tall in height and she is using the shortest length on these pajamas.  So she could shoot up four inches and still wear these.

Pajamas at Play

Sooo cooperative. 😉   It looks pretty cute with just a little white tee, and she’s already slept happily in them!  I do plan on finishing the top soon, but heck since the pants were done I thought I’d share.  And last night I already whipped up another pair with a special tee that I’ll share soon.  Let’s just say that polar bears make an appearance. 😉

My little Linus.

Pajamas at Play

13 thoughts on “Pajamas at Play”

  1. When I learned to sew, I learned by making pajamas (for me). I haven't made them in forever and seeing these I totally want/need to make more (for me). These are SO dang CUTE with the cuff and ruffle and the Kids @ Play flannel. The model is super adorbs too. 🙂

  2. Those pyjamas are so cute!! I have a little linus too! She's 4 now so the blankie doesn't go in the mouth anymore… but it still gets dragged around the house!! Enjoy the moments!!

  3. be glad she'll wear pyjamas…my 2 yo refuses so we just gave up and put her to bed in clothes. It does save time in the morning. 🙂

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