Perfectly Precious

Perfectly Precious

I’ve been itching to make Caitlyn some more handmade clothing and when I saw Laurie Wisbrun’s newest line, Perfectly Perched, I knew destiny had stepped in. Laurie’s whimsical but crisp designs suit my style well and I adored this shade of blue that one of her prints was done with.

Perfectly Precious

I foolishly purchased too little of Perfectly Perched (the fabric with the birds in the middle of the dress) mainly because I’m in denial that my little girl is growing and would need more fabric. lol But I searched my stash and managed to come up with some fabulous matches for it in the way of Patty Young’s Sanctuary (bodice print) and Oliver & S print from Cape Ann (polka dot). I used an easy Simplicity Pattern #2377 and made it in a size 3. She’s tall but tiny for her age so I think the pattern is pretty true to size.

I opted (more out of laziness than anything) to NOT make the ties that the pattern calls for and I really should have.  So I’ll be adding that back in.  I’m not sure every child would need the ties, but because she is so slim she really needs them to help reign in the extra gathered fabric in the back of the dress.

Perfectly Precious

It calls for 1/4″ elastic and I really like the scale of that size elastic for a little girl’s dress. Plus there were no zippers or buttons…always a bonus! This is such a great every day dress when made with cottons. Perfect for a play dough session.

Perfectly Precious

I really want to make her more things. Her face rather adorably lights up when she sees things I’ve made her and I want to take advantage of that before she decides she hates “homemade” things. lol But I think I need a serger. I was zig zagging my seams and it is just NOT as nice as a serger. Plus a serger is so fast. I’ve been sewing garments for well over 20 years now. I think it’s long past time to add a serger to my arsenal of supplies. I can start cheap. It’s always a good idea to make a modest investment and then decide if you need to upgrade later on. So I’m pretty sure a serger is in my future. Because I need to make more adorable clothes like this one!

Perfectly Precious

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  1. I bought a serger last year and love it. Clothing is a lot more professional and I think it can take more wear and tear and washing- always important with kids clothes. She looks adorable as always

  2. My 3 daughters and I only wear dresses/jumpers, so I've made A TON of dresses in my life! If you don't want to make ties, or you don't have enough fabric, you can do 1 of these options: 1. Sew elastic at the seam of the bodice and skirt in the back. You can stretch and sew the elastic from side seam to side seam or center it and stretch and sew it from that point out (if you do it this way, always start from the middle point). 2. The other thing is to find a cute ribbon that matches the dress, open up the side seams a bit to add the ribbon; sew in place.

    I don't have a serger, but have wanted one for some time. Although I did just discover a stitch on my machine that is similar to a serged edge and I'm quit happy with it.

    I have many little girl dress patterns, but I really like this one. I just may add it to my collection! (Now if I could just have the fabric collection to rival my pattern collection….. )

  3. I love Laurie's fabric lines! And I grew up using my mom's serger, so I have never been without- it was always a necessity. Mine I have now was an $80 score from Craigslist, even if it is basic. I love it when men sell sewing machines 😉

  4. Such a cute dress! I've got a little girl that I love sewing for and I just bought a Serger because I was tired of those edges too!. I bought a Brother 1034D that came highly recommended by a friend that sews professionally. It just arrived this week and I haven't had a chance to play with it yet but I've got a couple of patterns picked out for when I've got some time to sit down with it.

  5. Hi Angela, I'll chime in with a vote for the Brother 1034D serger. I've had mine for several years, but the model is still available. It is a workhorse and under $200. My only suggestion might be to look at Brother's Coverstitch machine of the same line — that's the only thing that I wish my 1034D would do. I make a lot of tshirts and like the coverstitch finishes of commercial garments. Pam L.

  6. Until you get a serger, you can always make French seams – they're easy, and so professional looking! Simply take the fabric you need to seam and put it WRONG SIDES TOGETHER, then sew it with a 1/4 inch seam. Turn the fabric around so that the right sides are together now, with the seam you just sewed inside, and stitch a 3/8 inch seam. Voila! One beautifully and professionally enclosed seam that won't ravel! I use this type seam for all clothes I make for gifts or on commission…..

  7. Oh that is just perfectly adorable! I know how wonderful it is to make adorable clothing for adorable little girls who delight in what you've made. There are few things quite so sweet.

  8. Ugh, how cute is Caitlyn???? The answer is SUPER. I love this little dress. The prints you chose to go along with the Perched work so well!

  9. Okay so first of all….how incredibly adorable is your daughter?!?!?! Ridiculously cute. Second of all, I have always wanted to make a dress for my niece but my sewing skills leave alot to be desired. Any suggestions on a super easy pattern to get my feet wet?

    1. Helen thank you! We like her too. 😉

      This particular pattern is actually a great simple pattern to start with! You can make it with a single panel skirt instead of the double like I did here…there's a pattern piece just for that. In my mind this is about as easy as it gets!

  10. Cute dress! I love that pattern. I bought it for a dollar at hobby Lobby last spring and love how easy it is to put together. It is cute but still easy to play in. Loved your fabric choices!

  11. Ditto for the Brother 1034D. I ADORE mine and couldn't imagine sewing without it. Yes, I too wish it did the cover stitch, but at $1,200 for a machine that just does that, I do a work around with a double-needle hem on my regular machine after I serge the edge. Once you get the serger, you'll never look at a t-shirt the same! To make a big T fit me better, I lay out the big one flat with a right-sized one on top and pin the shoulders together so there's no movement. Then draw with a fabric pen the outline of the right-sized shirt down the sides & sleeves. Take the right-sized shirt off and then serge on the lines without cutting. The machine cuts it for you! Viola'!

    I absolutely adore the dress & pattern. My friend has a little girl who's just beginning to walk so I see a couple of dresses coming her way!

  12. That is the cutest dress ever! I'm sure cutie pie Caitlyn will never turn down anything made by you!( I sure wouldn't):) I have a serger and I'm ashamed to say I never use it. I never got the hang of the tension. Also, keep in mind sergers always "cut" the fabric. If your looking for one to hem, like the sleeves on your t-shirt I think its called a cover-stitch?? there are machines that do both, but the Bernina lady told me it's better to have two that does one of each, because swiching them back and forth is complicated:/ You probably already know all this…but just in case 😀

  13. Adorable dress and don't we all wish for hair like that? I used a basic Kenmore serger since the eighties and just upgraded to a BABYLOCK EVOLUTION last winter. Love it, love it, love it. When I got my Kenmore I took a serger class at the local college. She taught us to make samples of all the stitches, staple them to index cards and make note of the settings. I did this with my new machine and it helped me get over being intimidated and gave me lots of practice on my new machine. It has self threading with air! Fabulous! Yes, it's complicated but the "Bernina Lady" is in the business of selling sewing machines, and if she can sell you two machines all the better for her bottom line but not your wallet. Buy the best serger you can afford with the features you want. Don't buy low thinking that you will upgrade soon. You won't. Coverstitch and self threading were very important to me and this was the machine that had both. It will be my last serger and yes I do use it – home dec., clothing, and not quilting yet!!!

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