A Scottie for Plaid Scottie!

My good friend Kaelin, The Plaid Scottie, has recently been unable to sew due to some neck pain (I say that lightly…but it’s a pretty big deal). So a few of us got together virtually to throw together a care package for her. She’s a little obsessed with a new color scheme of navy and pink…love it! So we all decided to color coordinate our gifts to her in those colors. (I love being a girl sometimes and that other people want to color coordinate! lol)

Being that Kaelin is admittedly a bit partial to scottie dogs (hi Whiskers!) hence her blog name, I decided to make her a scottie dog pin cushion. I’m sort of into pincushions and this was too cute an idea to pass up. I used the DS pattern from her site and just sized it down SMALLER. (ironic how I made the word smaller bigger isn’t it?)

I used a cute little Japanese fabric that I think I got from Ayumi and just a smidge of AMH…because that makes everything better! And stuffed this fella with crushed walnut shells.

A Scottie for Plaid Scottie!

He was such a pain in the #$%^! to make with all of those corners and at this tiny size. Only for Kaelin would I do this! Well, I’d probably do it for other people, but she’s the only one who would want the scottie. I was super tempted to keep it for myself when I finished but I packed it up with some new pins for her new pincushion and sent it off!

A Scottie for Plaid Scottie!

I did tell her not to use it as a voodoo doll for her dog whiskers 😉 She is in New Orleans after all. Which turned out to be good advice because the darn dog tried to run off with this pretty pincushion the minute her back was turned.

Jealous Whiskers? You should be. This pincushion is fabulous.

15 thoughts on “A Scottie for Plaid Scottie!”

  1. Mr. Whiskers was indeed jealous! But who wouldn't be? I'm keeping a careful eye on it now because I love it and can't risk Whiskers getting ahold of it again! I used it for the first time this weekend at our MQG meeting and am totally obsessed with it!!! I'd been meaning to make myself a walnut hull pincushion forever because I hear they keep your pins fabulously sharp, so I'm glad you beat me to it and saved me the trouble, lol!

    And I was wondering where you got the fabric for it and meant to ask you…shoulda known it came from Ayumi! That girl has the most fabulous fabric in the world.

  2. OMG I just nearly spit my coffee out! I saw this on Kaelin's blog and thought how nice it was. I have just clicked on your link and its a FREE pattern – FREE!! I had no idea! It is now downloaded and safe in my computer…I want one of these, though I am not sure what my JRT will make of a Scottie dog coming to live here!! Thanks for the info.

  3. When I saw Kaelin's post about her care package from her caring friends, I sent off a little package also. It included some navy and pink scraps, coffee cup cozies, and a set of recipes for Alaskan seafood we got at ComFish (local fishing trade show). We have a saying here in Alaska "Friends don't let friends eat farmed salmon". To us it's like eating that nappy shrimp imported from Thailand – probably to you guys, too. Love that scottie pin cushion. Too cute.

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