Sliced – Entry #2

Okay, onto my second entry in the Sliced competition by Moda. For this entry I wanted to do something that had some more piecing to it. I’m totally not sure what the judges are looking for (which I think I told everyone of you who commented on the first entry! lol) and I wanted to show that I could sew more than squares together. In case they don’t know that. 😉

There was a lot of hemming and hawing along the way, but ultimately this inspiration/memo board is what I ended up with.

Sliced - Entry #2

Isn’t she pretty?! All sparkly, restrained, texty, and paper pieced?! As my friend Kelly said, this looks so much like ME. I may or may not be a girlie girl. 😉

Remember, we had to use batting, moda precuts, a buckle, and make something for an office/studio. Once again, I’m completely practical about what I need in my office space…and that is a place to tack up all of those inspirational pictures! But in a pretty, sparkly way!

This is probably my favorite shot of the board… It has the mood that I was going for…

Sliced - Entry #2

I designed a bunch of spools to be paper pieced but in the end I decided that I only needed one. There was enough going on already on this board. I’m totally in love with this spool and fully intend to design something much larger (*cough* quilt *cough*) using all my spools. It’s a great little paper pieced block and you could some really cute fussy cutting on it!

Sliced - Entry #2

I wanted to show that I could do other things too, so I decided to do some free motion thread writing on this as well. I’m going to admit that certain letters I love and others I don’t. I’ve definitely learned to go with my gut because the ones that I was concerned about are the ones I’m not as in love with. But I won’t color your view any more than that. I used two shades of aqua thread and went over this fours times.

Sliced - Entry #2

I love the word “Inspire”. Because that is really why I collect the little bits and pieces that I do that end up on a board like this. I could have a whole wall like this. lol But that would be too cluttered for me ultimately. So it’s good that I kept it small.

I used upholstery tacks around the perimeter to give a nice border. I decided not to do a french memo board with all the ribbons criss crossed across it because I had piecing that I wanted to show and I thought that would be too distracting. Although I had a fabulous twill tape I was going to use. If I hadn’t had to get a buckle in there somehow this probably would have turned out differently. But that’s the game, and that’s how I played it.

I also did a photoshopped version without the text to see if I liked it better that way. I still can’t decide!

Sliced - Entry #2

So that’s my second entry. I made myself stop with the third. I worked one full evening on it but decided if I wasn’t going to get in with one of these two that a third one wasn’t going to make the difference. I’ll still finish it up and show it to you all at some point because I chopped up a precious charm pack for it. But I needed to give myself a break. Yay for self restraint!

They announce the contestants sometime tomorrow. Once again…who knows what they are looking. But I’m proud of my two pieces and I’ll be happy to use them myself. So I really can’t ask for more than that. (Well I can, but I’m trying not to.)

30 thoughts on “Sliced – Entry #2”

  1. Love this! The sparkly buckle is SO perfect!! And the embroidered 'Inspire' gives it great balance! If you don't get a place in the final, THEY don't know what they are looking for!!! I have my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. I think both of your entries are great 🙂 I like the Inspire at the bottom, looks better than the photoshopped one with the blanke space. Every little detail of this is awesome and inspired 🙂

  3. It looks great to me, too. I liked your first piece, but this one has the edge for me. And I definitely prefer the version with the text. Good luck!

  4. It looks great to me, too. I liked your first piece, but this one has the edge for me. And I definitely prefer the version with the text. Good luck!

  5. This is phenomenal. I'd vote for you!

    In terms of spam, I have several email accounts…I try to keep all "risky" signups in an alternate email account, which doesn't have a contact list, and I just go in and clean out the spam once in a while. You can either use a free service for your alternates, or see if your ISP includes several accounts (often they do so that family members can have separate ones).

  6. I had that happen about 6 months ago. What I ended up doing is changing my password, using capital & small letters, numbers & symbols in it. It might be hard to remember at first, but you will remember it eventually. That worked for me, my email has not been hacked by anyone since then.

    I love your entries are awesome.

  7. I'm inspired! I think it looks great 🙂 For the email, I changed my password and emptied my address book… haven't had a problem since (print out your contacts, and once you send something to them once it will be remembered when you start to type it in again without actually saving it)

  8. Love both of your projects!! And as to the spam email – you probably don't need to change the email account, just the password (it happened to me as well – my email was hacked) – but I now have a VERY strong password (letters, numbers and a couple special characters too). Hope that you win the Slice competition.

  9. Well, girl, why would you need a third when the second one won??!!! 🙂 You ROCK!!! And are just amazing! Good luck- I'll be rootin' for you! GO!!

  10. Fabulous!!! I especially love the handwriting print you used, but also the color scheme, the clever and beautiful use of the buckle, the threadwriting, the spool…you get the idea. Sooooo deserving of the "final" pick! {By the way, the first project is ALSO amazing!} On to the semis!

  11. Holy cow. I'm not surprised this was the entry that made you a finalist. This board is beautiful, and so professional. I love the FMQ (I still think of you everytime I say those three letters), and I love the text fabric. Beautiful!

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