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The craziness continues around here….we’re working desperately to finish our new house so that we can move in. There are literally hundreds of decisions to make in remodeling an entire house and we’ll be thrilled when more of those decisions have been made and the work calms down a bit. Yesterday I spent at least three hours at DIY stores with my head cranked back staring up at lighting and trying to pick out every single light for our new house. I live by the motto, make a decision and move on…and even with that it takes a long time to pick out lights. Darn the whole budge thing. 😉

Anywho, tonight I find out if I’ve made it into the next round of the Moda Sliced Competition. I entered my mermaid pincushion that I showed you in my last post. (We could only enter one pincushion) But me being me, I couldn’t make just one pincushion…so I do have a second one to show you.

Meet the SS Moda.

I’m totally in love with this pincushion as well. Once again, I needed to use rick rack, buttons, and a jelly roll strip. All the fabrics are Moda, but there is an abundance of Sweetwater fabrics in this one. I’m such a sucker for their style and it suits the Nautical theme so well.

SS Moda

This one was also stuffed with a combo of poly fill and walnut shells so that it both holds it shape and is perfectly pinnable! I designed the boat and ended up paper piecing it just because the pieces are small and it was easier for me to do it that way. But it could be easily template pieced as well.

SS Moda
With this pincushion I was really focusing on putting the “Fun” in “functional” (like that? I love it when I’m clever like that lol). So this pincushion was designed to be supremely functional and easily made by anyone. I do adore it, but I think my friends were right in pushing me to step up my game for the competition. We’ll see if I made the right decision.

Clearly I have a thing for water!

SS Moda

Okay! Wish me luck for tonight!

19 thoughts on “SS Moda”

  1. Angela, that is super cute! Very clever. So when you combine fiberfill and walnut shells, do you layer them? Put the walnut shells in first toward the bottom and then the fiberfill on top? Curious minds….

    1. It depends on the project really. I usually start with the poly fil to give it some shape and then layer the walnut shells to fill it out. But I should go back and put some more poly to finish it off because it can be tricky messing with the walnut shells. There's my two cents. 😉

  2. Hi! Good Luck for the competition and also for finishing your new home!
    I love this boat pincushion! It's beautiful and looks also practical. I would like to make this because my 'tetra-bird' doesn't stand well.
    Thank you for inspiration! x Teje

  3. Firstly – 'good luck'!!! This latest creation is wonderful too! I love the way you used the ric rac and buttons! SS Moda and Miss Mermaid are the perfect pair! I have my fingers crossed too!

  4. i love it! i love Lorelei the mermaid too. Adorable as pincushions – equally adorable as decoration or play toys. Good luck and congrats on the fan favorite. 🙂

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