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Is it lame to still be working on Christmas projects? I’m trying to finish up the projects that I started with the hope of making them for Christmas this year. In particular, I’m working on my Reindeer Embroidery. (Original post and pattern info here:  I knew that the embroidery would take a while, but I actually finished all nine reindeer by the day after Christmas. But then there’s the whole doing something with them!

I can’t remember all the ones that I’ve shown, but I do know a few that I haven’t because I know that they were the last ones I was working on.


He’s so my favorite of the whole group. Double fisting it with the drinks and lights in his antlers. Classic. Way to celebrate in style buddy.

Reindeer hanging


She’s the only lady of the nine reindeer according to this pattern set and she’s quite the lady indeed. Her coat just kills me (and to honest was a little intimidating to work on…but slow and steady wins the race). Here she is in her completed improv block.

Reindeer hanging


Did we see this guy yet? I’m loving the text print in the upper corner of the block. The 5 just pops out at me and sort of screams studio 54. 😉

Reindeer hanging

Here’s a look at a bunch of the other blocks and embroidery I’ve done….

Reindeer hanging

Reindeer hanging

Reindeer hanging


Reindeer hanging


Reindeer hanging


Reindeer hanging

I’m starting to put the blocks together. It’s looking great. I’m kind of loving improv piecing lately. Such a nice break from strict patterns and dimensions.

Reindeer hanging


My design wall (a super fabulous piece of batting hanging over my couch….have I mentioned that I can’t WAIT to have a sewing room again?!):

I actually have all the blocks together now and I’m piecing them together. I’m just debating what to do with them when they are all together. Just a wall hanging I guess. I don’t think I need another Christmas quilt. lol But I don’t have a wall hanging. So it could work.  I’ll see as it comes together more.  I’ll keep you posted!

29 thoughts on “Still Dashing and Dancing”

  1. It is perfectly fine to be working on Christmas projects. I just finished mine a few nights ago. Ready for next year. 🙂 Sure do like your reindeer. They are super cute!

  2. I spent two days between Boxing Day and New Year finishing xmas projects! At least I will be ready to go next year! I am luvin' those embroideries!

  3. They look good so far! I just ordered the embroidery pattern online since I couldn't find it anywhere locally. I plan on working on it right away so I have it done way before Christmas.

  4. They look fab! Although I'm a bit worried about Comet with that star up his butt! If you join the finish along over at Quilter In The Gap, you can win prizes for getting UFOs done BTW…

  5. You've done a great job on the embroidery. I really like the fabrics you're using with them. These are edgy reindeer! A wall hanging won't take as much abuse as a quilt, so it will preserve your work. Definitely finish this while you're into it, so you have it for next year.

  6. I just asked myself a similar question about working on a Christmas project. Those reindeer look like they took a lot of time but they are indeed precious. I love the way you are tying in the blacks, greys, reds and creams.

  7. So great! After your previous post, I ordered the pattern online but have only completed Prancer and Vixen. (My Prancer is just like yours but I added one strand of silver to edge the red stripes.) I don't have a Christmas quilt so I think I'll be making a lap quilt with mine. 🙂 Finish it up!!

  8. Very cute! I'm still working on Christmas projects as well!! 🙂 I'm making our own Elf on the Shelf and it's still not done…. I also love the fabric choices with the reindeer.

  9. Ca-ute! I'll have to see if I can track down those patterns. They're absolutely adorable! Good for you for wrapping up all the embroidery work!

  10. Very nice! If you have a fireplace that you don't use, you could make a horizontal panel to go across the front of the mantle.

  11. These are so great! I had to order the pattern myself after seeing your work, can't wait to get started on them so I make sure they are ready for next Christmas. How many strands of thread do you use for the black outlining?

  12. @ Chrystal : I used a perle cotton that was a single strand. I don't really know what i'm talking about though. lol I just know that what I used wasn't meant to split like some of the floss does.

  13. I'm lovin' these! I've been embroidering snowmen… it seems like for ages since it's the entire alphabet! Did you know you're very trendy, embroidering and improv sewing as you are? At least that's what I read on the SewMamaSew blog post from Kathy Steiner of Michael Miller Fabrics. So, you go trendy girl!

  14. The embroidery looks great and I love the blocks you've made out of it. And according to the official church calendar, its still Christmas until Friday, so you've all good to be Christmas crafting until then.

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