Wee Gallery Dress

Today I want to share with you a sweet dress that I made for my daughter from one of my favorite Wee Gallery, Dress Me For the Playground, fabrics by Dear Stella.

child's dress

I was so excited when I first saw these fabrics at Fall Market 2014.  They are just too precious and immediately knew that I would have to make at least one dress for my five year old daughter.  I was motivated to sew a short sleeve dress for an upcoming vacation to Florida (far from our snowy northern home).

child's dress

But a disclaimer: my daughter ended up with pneumonia and doesn’t quite look her normal perky self in these photos.  I may be a stage mom though because gosh darn it, I toted that dress all the way to Florida and sewed it the day before the trip…so I was going to get those beach pictures. lol

child's dress

I used a “easy” pattern from Simplicity for the dress.  I’m calling foul on that.  This was NOT an easy pattern.  That neckline is tricky and requires some very precise sewing.  But I plowed through because I’m up for a challenge and well…the pieces were already cut. 😉

child's dress

I was extremely pleased with myself by the time I got to this point. I’m convinced they put trim on the pattern picture to cover those neckline seams. lol

Still, pneumonia, tricky seams, a random beach on Sanibel Island…and I’ve managed to capture exactly what life was like this at this moment.  It’s such a sweet dress and I can’t wait to see my daughter wear it here when it finally stops snowing around here.

child's dress

child's dress

We even managed to snag a family photo…poor girl was feeling so bad here.  I promise she had a good time and was on good meds by then. But boy was I lucky to even get these shots.  I must REALLY love this fabric. 😉

6 thoughts on “Wee Gallery Dress”

  1. What a sweetheart–maybe that Sanibel warmth helped perk her up! You did a great job on her adorable dress–even the neckline looks fine–no need for trim to hide anything. I get what you're saying about the snow–here in Maine they just showed a picture on the news of 2 kids in shorts and sandals, sitting in lawn chairs, on top of a snow bank. Oh, Spring–where are thou?!

    1. It is finally warming up a bit…we are in the 60's most days now. It feels like spring. You definitely need a jacket because of the cool breeze but you can see the flowers starting to bloom. I think with an early Easter it feels like Spring is late, but it is probably right on time. lol

  2. You're right: that is NOT an easy pattern!! The inset corners of the yoke can be tricky!! Good for you to not be intimidated and plow through it anyway!! It looks so pretty on your sweet little one! Poor thing: it stinks to be sick on vacation!! Did she get over it pretty quickly? My daughters were sick on vacation when they were younger and we spent one day just hanging out in the hotel room and the next day we found every bathroom in the Calif State capital building. My hubby of course had to joke about it and said we saw the "Poopola" (cupola) and that we were in the State "_rapitol" (sorry about the potty language, but aren't men just boys in mens bodies?) Have a great day!! Hugs, H

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