What was your week like?

What was your week like?

My week has been quite the adventure indeed.  Monday night there was a huge storm in the area which resulted in 30,000 people with power.  And in our case, no power = no water (gotta love well water!).

Monday night : candle light only

What was your week like?

Tuesday morning revealed some of the “slight” problems that the storm caused.

Oh you know…just a snapped power pole at the back of our property…

What was your week like?

And then there is this “little” tree limb that split off and is only staying up by the power of the neighboring tree.  Yes, those trees are at least 50 ft tall.  Probably more.  And did I mention that this is RIGHT next to our house and will cost $$$$ money to remove and still isn’t down?

What was your week like?

Have machine.  Will travel.

Oh and I have a 3 year old…so while we might have been able to deal with no power, the no water thing was kind of a deal breaker for us knowing how extensive the damage was.  We figured power was out for a while, so we packed up and headed to the inlaws (along with the contents of our refrigerator).

What was your week like?

By Thursday afternoon we finally had power back and we could move everything back then.  We were all just *slightly* exhausted by this point.

What was your week like?

Along with having a friend’s son in a horrible accident (he seems to be recovering well!) and my husband’s car randomly break down on Monday and oh just a dozen other things….it’s been a VERY long week around here.


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  1. Sheesh! We has similar crummy weeks! Mine started out with trials and tribulations around getting driver's license renewal… then I got laid off from my job… then a storm came through and tore out a major portion of our privacy fence… then one of my plants jumped off a shelf and tried to commit suicide, resulting in dirt all over the carpet and everywhere… then I broke the electric pool cover. I would give up if I were prone to that sort of thing! Let's hope next week is better for both of us!

  2. You have my sympathy. Freaky weather seems to have become the norm this year.
    Some water in a basement that has not had any in it's forty plus years of existence seems minor compared to what you and Kerri have had to put up with!

  3. You have my sympathy. Ironically here on the other side of the world entirely we also had our own freak storm with 30,000 homes also losing power. It meant my husband's flight back from Australia got redirected to another city where he got stuck for hours awaiting the airport here to reopen. So his 11 hour journey became 34 hours. Nice huh.
    Then throw in the fact that this week in the midst of that big storm we bought a new house and car.
    So I feel your exhaustion from here 🙂
    Good luck with the tree!
    Kat xx

  4. Gosh, you poor things. Power you can manage but no water is a nightmare, especially with kids. We went without water for 10 days once. Just had a water butt for toilet flushing. Hope you get it all sorted.

  5. Sounds like a crazy storm! I'm glad your house didn't get damaged, that tree limb is going to be a pain to get down but at least it didn't completely fall! Hope that things improve for you!

  6. No water is definitely much worse than no power. Every five seconds you're trying to do something that requires water. I hope you get that giant limb out of the way soon. :-/ My lil old trip to the ER doesn't sound too bad now.

  7. Mercury is in retrograde–crazy things happen during that period. Just stay low and ride it out!

    Glad you're back at home and things aren't too damaged.

  8. we had a storm too and expected power outage and no water- LOVE our well water- I will never get city water- eVER! but we had power! then other times it'll flicker for no reason or go out for hours…. hmmm
    sorry about the tree, glad you didn't get hurt

  9. I'm glad you are all safe and well! And that your friend's son is recovering. I know life is more difficult when we miss out on our sewing therapy!

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