Pretty in Pink and Pretty great meeting modern quilters

For the Pretty in Pink Bee June Blocks we got make Wonky Scrappy Log Cabins with the most delicious fabrics! It was fun because I really hadn’t seen most of the fabrics before. That is one of my favorite things about bees…getting to work with so many different fabrics. It adds to my growing list of fabrics that I must have, but also sometimes it gets a certain fabric out of my system. So it’s a win, win.

Wonky is not necessarily my strong suite. I excel at straight lines…that’s the mathematician in me and my Type A personality coming out. So I’m always a little more unsure when I go to do a wonky block. In fact, I thought that I had finished one of the blocks, but I didn’t like how it looked. So I went back and changed a few things around and found I liked it much better. But I would never need to do that with a straight log cabin.

Block #1 that I did and then redid…

Pretty in Pink June - Block 1

Block #2 that went much more smoothly…I got into the groove more 🙂

Pretty in Pink June - Block 2

And of course I always take a picture of the blocks together…it helps me get a feel for how the quilt might look in the end.

Pretty in Pink June - Both Blocks Together

My month for Pretty in Pink is in August…which means that I need to know what I am doing in July and that’s coming up quickly. I think that I know, but I’m debating whether to write a tutorial for it. I probably will…just need to get on the ball with that.

On top of sewing those blocks, I got to attend the very first meeting of the NOLA Modern Quilt Guild! I met actual modern quilters in person! They knew what I was saying when I said Tufted Tweets and Modern Meadow and Last Minute Patchwork…and more! It was great. We were a small humble group of about 8 but I think that the chemistry of the group was good and we seemed to mesh pretty well for a group of people who were meeting for the first time with nothing in common other than a love of modern quilting. And two women actually were sweet enough to bring little fabric gifts! I love the group already…free fabric and they don’t even know me?! Too fun!

Thanks to Kaelin and Karen for these goodies!

Goodies from NOLA modern quilt guild meeting

We already have a sewing day set up and our next meeting! It’s almost weird to talk to people in person about quilting when I feel like all I know about modern fabric and quilting I’ve gained from the anonymous internet. You can make friends, no doubt, but you won’t necessarily ever meet them. So if anyone is moving to NOLA or living here already, come join us!

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