Nola Modern Quilt Guild “Christmas” Party

I’m pretty sure that we were celebrating Christmas when our quilt guild got together this past Friday. You would think I would know, but I guess I’m just thrown off by the earliness of the celebration. LOL. But we did exchange some Christmas fat quarters…well some of us exchanged Christmas fabric. A lot of us didn’t actually own any we were willing to give away. So we brought red and green fabrics. Kind of matched the theme, right?

Anyway, we were a small but happy group, eating great food and chatting away like magpies!

Part of the group enjoying conversation!

Allison and Kaelin laughing it up! Kaelin has a movie quote for every occasion!

Allison and Kaelin enjoying a story

Mandi was quite indignant about something when she was telling a story. LOL.

Indignant Mandi!

Katie, our lovely hostess! She had two sweet kitties…one who hung out with us and climbed on quilts and fabric and one who made a special greeting but then left.

Katie...our lovely hostess

Don’t hold the sweater against me! I won a prize from Kaelin for having the craziest sweater. I borrowed it from a friend and it’s actually quite an expensive sweater. (It takes a lot to make all those flamingos)

I won!

But it wasn’t just talking and eating! There was also show and tell. I personally just watched the beauty that was displayed in front of me. Starting with Karen’s lovely bento box quilt. You might remember I showed pictures of her working on this quilt on the retreat. Well she brought the finished beauty and it’s inspired us all so much that our guild is now planning a bento box swap with each other!

Karen and her beautiful bento box

so lovely!

Karen's fabulous bento box completed!

Karen’s gotten so good at bento box quilts that she whipped together another smaller christmas quilt. It was made entirely from different christmas fabrics that Karen has been hoarding over the years!

Karen's Christmas bento box

She even had some snoopy Christmas fabric in there! Too cute!

Karen's Christmas bento box

But I have to admit, I think that we all considered tossing her out of the MODERN quilt guild when she pulled out the following beauty. LOL. It was an old top that she had started for her mom years ago and decided to finally finish. Our guild definitely has a thing with cat fabrics and quilts (and many of us are cat lovers!!) I think that my favorite part of this picture is Mandi’s expression of horror!

Karen's Cat quilt

Mandi had a beautiful baby quilt top to show us. But we all gasped when she told us that she hadn’t pressed a single seam. She’s such a fly by the seat of her pants quilter….they just grow!

Mandi's beautiful baby quilt!

But she picked all those lovely fabrics to go with the black and white damask. So we give her points for style. Don’t worry…we may convert her to using an iron yet. 😉

Mandi and one of her baby quilts

She also had a lovely collection of bags that she had made with darling appliques. Kaelin snatched up the one with a fleur de lis right away.

Kaelin's new bag from Mandi

Mandi's appliqued bags

And last but definitely not least were Adele’s beautiful quilt tops. I got some photos of my favorites and they are stunning. She has such a fabulous eye for color and composition. And everything feels free and effortless. Wonderful!

Adele's liberated quarter log cabin quilt

we all loved the blocks along the bottom too, but the blue patches were my favorite!

More Amazing Adele

And this one I wanted to steal to hang on my wall. LOVE it!

Amazing Adele

I know that not everyone is in a position to be part of a modern quilt guild where you are, but if you are near one I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Maybe we’re just a special group, but we have a FABULOUS time together! And if there isn’t one in your area, try starting one. Kaelin started ours and I was the second to join…and it took me a couple of months to even discover her. LOL. And now look at us!

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9 thoughts on “Nola Modern Quilt Guild “Christmas” Party

  1. Hey, I recognize Karen's bento box quilt – I participated in that swap, too, and see three or four of my blocks in her quilt – she did a great job putting it together. Mine is put together as far as the top goes, but priorities have gotten in the way, so the backing and binding probably won't get done till after Christmas.

  2. you were missed Cherie! Mandi got Karen some cat fabric too but wouldn't give it to her until she did her raccoon impression from the retreat. LOL. They bonded over horrible cat fabric…but mandi's choice actually wasn't too bad.

  3. Hey! Thanks for taking (and posting) photos from the party. I brought my camera but it didn't make it out of my purse. lmao! I'm still amazed at Adele's quilt tops!

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